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Pet Photography Information for Photographers

Hey there photographer!

So you found my blog, and maybe made your way here through my website while doing a Google search. Maybe you are a pet photographer, or an aspiring pet photographer, and are starting a pet photography business. Maybe you just love to take pictures of animals as a hobby.

So you need information. Perhaps tips and techniques on photographing pets, and/or information on pet photography pricing and pet photography marketing. Well, I’ve got it for you!


In 2012 I wrote a book, called Beautiful Beasties, a Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography, published by Wiley Publishing and available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book retailers. It’s a 352-page resource guide loaded with information, and has been referred to as the ‘pet photography bible’ by readers.


In 2018 I wrote a variety of comprehensive guides on commercial photography for all genres of commercial photography that focus on the business aspect of commercial photography, and cover things like marketing, pricing, negotiating, bid and treatment creation, working with small businesses and new clients, etc. All information and knowledge I’ve gleaned from my 15+ years of experience doing commercial photography.

I assembled all of the information into educational bundles of guides, contracts & documents, including:

  1. Commercial Animal Photography Bundle
  2. Commercial Photography Contracts & Releases Bundle
  3. Commercial Photography for Small Businesses Bundle
  4. Commercial Photography Marketing Bundle
  5. Commercial Photography Pricing Bundle
  6. The Big Commercial Photography Bundle (contains 21 different guides, documents and forms, including all of the above and a 356-page guide to commercial photography)

If you are new to the commercial photography industry and needing solid information on any of the aforementioned topics, you should find the guides immensely helpful.

Happy learning!