Fergie the Cowbelly Mascot

By far the most important and valuable member of the Cowbelly team is a delightful furry creature by the name of Ferguson, or ‘Fergie’ as her friends and fans know her. Fergie is the mascot for the business, the apple of my eye, and (arguably) the most photographed dog on the west coast. Even famous in some circles!

She is my teammate both in business and life, and her daily presence provides motivation for me to create beautiful images. Whether she likes it or not, she is also my main subject for experimentation. “Hey Fergie, you know what would be cool? If you gave me eight different poses while I test out these new lights for three hours!”.  Fergie is such a good sport that she even let me drag her all over the country for eight months on a long road trip in 2014.

You can get to know Fergie better by following her Instagram feed:

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Some important deets on this darling girl:

Name: Fergie (short for Ferguson)

Means: ‘big strong man’ in Celtic


Nicknames: MissMonkeyPants, Monkey, Monks, Monkey-Doo, Monkey-Doodle, Puppy-Doo, Puppy-Doodle, Doodle-doo, Princess Fergermeister, Fergorama, Fergatroid, Fergs, Fergster, Fergalicious, and many more.


Born: 7/6/05 (or somewhere thereabouts. Fergie is adopted, so her real birthday is unknown)


Breed: Labrador Retriever, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boxer, Shepherd. In other words- an ‘International Cocktail’.


Loves: laying in the sun, tennis balls, swimming, her indestructible octopus, sleeping in the sun, people, garden hoses, goldfish crackers, belly rubs, giving ‘five’ and licking feet.


Quirks: sits like a boy, cocks her head at the words “doggies”, “do you wanna…?”, “park” and ‘hungry”, and draws out her barks like a hound dog.


Came from: PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) in Lynnwood, Washington via Petfinder.



Fergie provides her artist/photographer mom with plenty of creative inspiration and opportunities to sharpen her picture-taking skills, and reminds me every day of how strong and valuable the human-animal bond is.

To reach Fergie and send her fan mail please email her at and be sure to put: “for Fergie” in the subject line so she’ll be sure to get it.  She will reply personally and loves hearing from her virtual buddies! Oh also, boys, Fergie *is* single, so if you are a pooch between 45-85 pounds, and like rough and tumble play, communal stick chewing sessions and jumping off docks, she is your gal!

Hope you enjoy our Fergie girl as much as I do- WE LOVE FERGIE!!