Bodie- Shepherd-Pointer-Cattle-Dog Mix

Dog’s name:


Dog’s age:


City + State:

San Diego

Breed/breed mix:

“Baja Blend” aka “Mexican Mutt” aka Belgium Malinois Shepherd, German Short-haired Pointer, Australian Cattle Dog, Dingo

Weight, lbs.:



I’m bragging, but stunning reddish-brown eyes. Reddish-brown coat with white under chin/neck and black tips on ears, nose and tail

Obedience commands mastered:

Sit, stay, down, roll over, paw / high five, dance on hind legs / up, give kisses, off, drop toy, release command “Okay”, easy, heel, be gentle

Comfort level with noises & distractions (10= very chill):


How many seconds can your dog hold a ‘stay’?

Minutes, especially if there is food involved. In training class, up to 15-20 minutes.

Describe how your dog gets along with/interacts with other dogs:

Bodie loves to say hello to everyone, humans, dogs, and dog-friendly cats. He has been socialized in training classes and daycare weekly since we adopted him at 11 weeks. He is very friendly and usually greets others at the beach by sprinting up to them, skidding in the sand and stopping on a dime to sniff and say “Hello! I’m Bodie!”

Describe your dog’s energy levels both indoors and outdoors.

He is a high-energy breed, however, he is very smart and a good listener. When we head outside and knows it is play time, he will sprint after a ball or frolic along the water’s edge. He jumps high to catch a stick or ball. Indoors, he is well-behaved, he sits with this front paws crossed like he’s in deep thought and loves to snuggle.

Reliability of their recall (1= rarely comes when called, 10= comes the first time called):


What is your dog most motivated by? (Food, play, fetch, cuddles, chasing squirrels, playing with other dogs, etc).

1. Food 2. Playing with doggy friends / exploring outside 3. Toys, tug-of-war and balls 4. Cuddles

Special skills (can hold leash in mouth, can ‘sleep’ on command, etc):

Can be placed on a down-stay or sit-stay in the middle of chaos at the beach or dog park and my husband or I will walk 50 yards away from him (sometimes more) and say “Okay!” and he will sprint directly to us on command. He poses for photos too!

Unique physical characteristics (different colored eyes, spots on belly, etc):

Again, I love bragging about his stunning reddish-brown eyes. He is known in our neighborhood for his erect ears and his curly “bossy” tail. We are asked everywhere we go what breed he is and how smart he looks.

Describe your dog’s personality, and include the color you’d use to describe their personality. (Ex: yellow = sunny, cheerful, happy-go-lucky, etc).

Red! High energy, alert, fast, strong, loving, charismatic, and smart. Bodie loves to be chased, has a huge-heart of gold and gives more kisses than anyone knows what to do with. I accept them all! 🙂

Bio. Tell us about your dog.

Bodie is a vibrant, happy, well-loved and cared for pup. He is about 1.5 years old and was rescued at only 3 weeks old with his mom and litter. My husband and I fell in love with him when I was volunteering at California Labs and More rescue here in San Diego and adopted him at 11 weeks. He has a truly wonderful temperament, plays well with everyone he meets, and loves a good car ride head-out-the-window the entire time. He’s the best snuggle pup when he’s tired and gives the best morning and hello kisses each time he greets his loved ones. He’s athletic, strong, and fast. He’s also gentle, sweet and caring. He’s been my emotional support and feeds off the energy of the crowd around him. He knows how to ignore motor bikes, skateboards, and doesn’t get upset with the Sea World fireworks. He has many girlfriends and easily recognizes their names. I’m sure everyone says this, but he basically is the best dog in the world!

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