Jinx- Dalmation

Dog’s Name: Jinx

Dog’s Age: 15 months (as of 6/17)

Location: Orange CA

Breed/breed-mix: Dalmation (purebred)

Weight: 50

Colors: Black and white

Obedience commands mastered: Sit, stay, come, down

Sociability with dogs (scale of 1-10, with 10 being most social): 5

Energy levels: 5

Comfort with noises: 5

(Off-leash) recall reliability:

Special skills: he does a cute “head tilt” and is working on sitting up and begging.

Unique Physical characteristics: Beautiful spots


Jinx came to me as a very shy puppy. He was afraid of most people and strange things. He has come a VERY long way! He is now happy and confident in most situations although can still be a bit slow to warm up to strangers. He is currently being shown in conformation and is pointed and on his way to his championship! Keep him in mind for any personal projects you may have to begin with until he is ready for the big production stuff. He is a sweet, sensitive handsome boy with a darling personality!