Toby before-and-after editing example

Toby he beautiful Chocolate Dalmation, is a very shy dog, whose affect reminds me more of Eeyore than Pooh. His ‘normal’ look is downtrodden- head and ears down, no eye contact, and just sad looking. I think from having had a difficult past (he was rescued not that long ago). My goal for our session was to get at least one shot of him with his ears up and forward, engaging with me and my camera. This was one of the first shots I snapped of him. Did I care that his leash was visible, that the exposure and color were off and that the lighting was bad? Definitely not. I knew I had just seconds to get this shot, and it was the expression that matters the most. If I had moved or futzed with my camera settings, the moment would have passed, and sad Toby would have returned.

toby before-and-after

When you hire me to photograph your dog, I always strive to capture their ‘best side’, no matter how sad, shy, or fearful they are. I bring out the happiness and joy and them, and help you to feel connected to their precious happy face through the art I create of their images. All of that distracting stuff can be removed, and it’s included in my product rates. So you can rest assured that even if your pet will only briefly look at me, and have just a fraction of a second to get the desired ‘ears up and forward’ look, I will get the shot. As for any distracting stuff in the image? I promise to make them look fantastic. After all, our pets deserve it. 🙂

And here’s another shot of Toby, proving that he really does know how to cut loose and have some fun sometimes. Awwww. I LOVE photographing dogs!

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