Road Trip Details, including where and when!

I have some much-requested details available for Fergie and my big 2014 U.S. Pet Photography Road Trip! First- two different links depending on how you’d like to work with me, then a FAQ, including locations and dates!

If you are a pet owner interested in a shoot, please take a look at my new 2014 U.S. Road Trip rates page on my website, which details the available sessions, and gives an overview of products.

If you are a photographer interested in a mentoring session, please visit my ‘for photographers’ page on my website, where you will find information on my road trip mentoring sessions near the top of the page.

I will start booking both in the first two months of 2014. Booking will all be done via my online booking calendar, which will be quick and easy for all involved, so stay tuned for that!


Q: What cities will you be visiting on your trip and when will you be there?

A: My final itinerary includes the cities listed below listed in order of my visit to them, and the PROJECTED timeline, WHICH IS A RANGE OF DATES within which I hope to be in that city. This timeline may and probably will change before my departure!

Phoenix, AZ  -the first 5 days of March 2014
Austin, TX  -March 10th-17th
Dallas, TX  -March 17th-22nd
Houston, TX  -March 21st-25th
New Orleans, LA  -March 25th-30th
Montgomery, A   -March 30th-April 3rd
Birmingham, AL  -April 3rd-7th
Atlanta, GA  -April 7th-12th
Tampa, FL (including the east Florida coast)  -April 12th-18th
Ft. Lauderdale, FL  -April 18th-22nd
Jacksonville, FL  -April 22nd-27th
Savannah, GA  -April 27th-30th
Charleston, SC  -April 30th-May 4th
Charlotte, NC  -May 4th-7th
Chapel Hill, NC  -May 7th-10th
Virginia Beach, VA  -May 10th-15th
Richmond VA  -May 15th-19th
Washington D.C.  -May 19th-23rd
Baltimore, MD  -May 23rd-27th
Philadelphia, PA  -May 27th-June 1st
New York, NY  -June 1st-June 8th
East Hampton, NY  -June 8th-12th
New Haven, CT  -June 12th-16th
Newport , RI  -June 16th-19th
Boston, MA  -June 19th-25th
Portland, ME  -June 25th-28th
Bar Harbor, ME  -June 28th-July 1st
Montpelier, VT  -July 1st-4th
Buffalo, NY  -July 4th-5th
Cleveland, OH  -July 5th-8th
Columbus, OH  -July 8th-11th
Cincinnatti, OH  -July 11th-14th
Detroit, MI  -July 14th-18th
Chicago, IL  -July 18th-24th
Madison, WI  -July 24th-27th
Minneapolis, MN (includes a vacation in the lakes country)  -July 27th-August 4th
Fargo, ND  -August 4th-7th
Lincoln, NE  -August 7th-10th
Boulder, CO (includes central Colorado area)  -August 10th-16th
Santa Fe, NM- August 16th-21st
Sedona, AZ  -August 21st-24th
San Diego, CA (included La Jolla)   -August 24th-September 1st
Los Angeles, CA (includes Orange County, Santa Monica, Ventura and the greater LA area)  -September 1st-16th
Santa Barbara, CA  -September 16th-19th
Carmel, CA  -September 19th-23rd
Santa Cruz, CA  -September 23rd-25th
San Francisco, CA (includes Berkeley and entire bay area)  -September 25th-October 2nd
Petaluma, CA  -October 2nd-5th
Napa and Sonoma, CA (includes Sonoma, Napa, St Helena, and Santa Rosa) -October 5th-16th
Crescent City, CA  -October 16th-19th
Portland, OR  -October 19th-22nd
Seattle, WA  -Returning October 22nd!

And more cities and towns in between and on the way.

Please note that due to breed bans and Fergie’s questionable heritage I will no longer be visiting Denver Colorado, Miami Florida, or Toronto Ontario. (Canada may be a 2015 trip!)

Q: How do I get on your calendar to book?

A: I will be emailing out a link to those interested in booking shoots and mentoring sessions later on this year in mid-late January of 2014. The link will be to my online booking system. It will be a very easy process wherein you select the service you are scheduling, pick the date and pay for the service- all online.

Q: How far in advance will I be able to book?

A: I am going to attempt to have people be able to book 3-4 weeks ahead of their city dates. It may end up looking more like 2-3 weeks, but as I go along on this journey I will update my projected timeline so everyone knows where I am at in the process. I will book Arizona and Texas first, and then during my trip I’ll book the south and then as I go along I’ll book the east coast, and so on….

I know people need to be able to schedule, but I want to be sure I leave room in the schedule for the unforeseen: car breakdowns, dog illness, Jamie illness, accidents or other uncontrollable circumstances. Knock on wood none of those things will happen!

I will always update my road trip page with any news, so you can have it within reach at any time. I will also be using social media extensively (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), so it will be very easy to keep tabs on me and where I am when.

Keep this page bookmarked!

Q: How can I follow along on your trip?

A: I will have several social media accounts set up before I leave and you can choose to follow some of them, one of them, or all of them. I will be tweeting through my twitter profile (@cowbelly), using Instagram to post goetagged photos from the places I visit (also @cowbelly), updating my Cowbelly Facebook page, and, with any luck, blogging with some regularity. I will send out links to each social media account and RSS feed in a future email!

Fergie and I are getting very excited for our journey next year and hope to meet many of you while on it!

pet photography road trip by cowbelly