Duke photographed swimming in May 2008

While looking through old photos lately I came across this photo of Duke. Duke’s shoot was in May of 2008, and took place at the Magnuson off-leash dog park and beach, Duke’s favorite romping spot away from home. Duke loved the water, and here we see him with not just one, but two balls in his mouth. There’s something about the way the light is hitting him, and how the water pushes out from his body, and the look on his face that I really dig. I usually grimace when thinking of shoots at dog parks, because they are usually far from ideal places to shoot, but now I’m looking forward to my next shoot at Magnuson Park.

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3 thoughts on “Duke photographed swimming in May 2008

  1. Oh man! A dog beach! Maia would love this. That is such a great photo of Duke. Can’t believe he has two balls in his mouth ;).

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