Instagram Challenge for April 15th-21st: #skies

When I’m not pointing my lens at dogs and cats, one of my favorite things to photograph is skies. Whether they are stormy (upper left), bright blue and sunshiny, filled with color during a sunset (below right and left), or sunrise (upper right), you’ll often find me pointing my camera upwards and outwards when out and about. And those who know me well know there is little I love more than a dog framed with a solid blue sky. #swoon.

Last week’s challenge was one of my favorites, because it was all about skies. What made it so special is one of the shots was one that my mom created (lower left), and now I know where I got my love of photographing skies from. It’s so meaningful that she passed down her love of nature to me, and something I will cherish forever, and it’s pretty incredible for me to be able to edit her photos on my phone. These are all iPhone 5 or P&S photos, with the exception of the upper left, which required the use of my 200mm zoom lens. I plan to do a lot more sky photos in the coming months, so look for those in my Instagram feed (link below).

#igers_seattle skies

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