Dramatic storm cloud swallows Seattle whole; hailstorm follows

UPDATE: 4:30pm Thursday. This photo was chosen today by @igersusa on Instagram as a top 4 finalist in a nationwide photo contest, out of over 650 entries! It is going to come in second to a great shot from Boston, but it was a thrilling honor to be selected as a finalist. Way. too. cool.


Last Sunday we had the most wicked and fast storm I’ve seen in awhile. I took Fergie out to the yard to play ball at my place in West Seattle, and I looked up at the sky to the east and saw that it was an incredible dark blue color, and realized that the sun was still out to the west, which meant one thing: the buildings downtown would be glowing against a dark foreboding sky backdrop.

I immediately ran back inside, grabbed my keys and camera bag, and raced up to one of my favorite lookouts.

When I got there I saw this:

stormy downtown seattle cityscape skyline

This was immediately followed by a dramatic hailstorm that made the city look like it was covered in snow.

I call this shot “Downtown Seattle, getting swallowed whole”.

I look forward to doing more impromptu shooting like this, and will post the shots to the blog that I think y’all might like to see.




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