Instagram Challenge for April 1st-7th: #missmonkeypants

For those who don’t know, #MissMonkeyPants is my dog Fergie, the Cowbelly mascot. ‘MissMonkeyPants’ is what she goes by on Instagram and Twitter. MissMonkeyPants is one of many nicknames I have for her. Sometimes it’s MissMuddyPants, Miss Monkey, Monkey Head, or straight Monkey. All of these are interchangeable, but usually it’s just: ‘hey Monkey’, along with a whole host of other nicknames.

Because Fergie has her own Instragram account, I haven’t been posting many photos of her on my own account, and I thought that was sad, given that she’s such a huge part of my life. So last week my challenge was all about this silly monkey I share my home and heart with.

From top left to bottom right we have: ‘helping’ in my office, bathing, sleeping and playing.


Find me on Instagram @Cowbelly, and Fergie on Instagram at @MissMonkeyPants