Bronco & Bear- Graffiti Dogs Project

This shoot is part of my Graffiti Dogs Project, a personal project I began back in 2008 to photograph Seattle’s coolest dogs in front of the city’s most creative and beautiful graffiti walls. Because of my book and teaching schedule in 2012 I don’t think I did a single Graffiti Dogs Project shoot, but now that I’m retired from teaching I aim to change that. I already have three more dogs lined up for shoots this spring, so you’ll see a lot more of these colorful photos here on the blog! This is Bronco and Bear. Enjoy. 🙂

seattle graffiti dog photography

cowbelly's graffiti dogs project- seattle dog photography

seattle dog photography graffiti cowbelly

A cute ‘behind-the-scenes’ shot.

cowbelly's graffit and pugs photos- seattle dog photographer

photography of dogs and graffiti- seattle's dog photographer

seattle dog photography

Pretty much anytime I photograph pugs, I always end up seeing what you are seeing on the left there at least a handful of times. Food + pugs = love.

seattle pug photography

seattle dog photography

Their first time experiencing bubbles is below. Anticipation (L), and experience (R).

dog photography

Reaction. LOL!

dog photography

dog photography

Hope you enjoyed these Graffiti Dogs Project photos of Bronco and Bear. There will be many more of these shoots to come!