Monty flies high at Discovery Park back in September 2007

I’ve been going through a lot of old photos over the past year. And when I say a lot, what I really mean is A LOT. Last year I culled and detail edited around 250 images for my book, I recently culled and detail edited around 450 images for my new website (coming soon!), I am about to detail edit another 115 images for a commercial project, and then there will be several thousand more to process for two more projects coming up in April and May. I have been positive swimming in editing and sorting old photos.

From time to time I come across an image I didn’t remember I had, and say something like “Oh my gosh!”, or “awwww”. I then put the image aside, thinking I’ll do something with it, and then never do. Since I’ve been so bad at blogging because my long posts filled with images take so long to create, I decided I’ll start posting those ‘lost and found’ shots here, one-by-one. I’ll post archived favorites once a week, and hopefully you guys will enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy stumbling upon them again. 🙂

Meet Monty. Monty flew high during our shoot at Discovery Park back in September of 2007. I don’t know if you can see it in the shots on the left, but he was launching himself after a duck decoy. I had so much fun during that shoot and the light was gorgeous. What a fun dog.

seattle dog photography

Thanks Monty for once again putting a smile on my face!