Bailey & Sake- Queen Anne dogs winter shoot

Although my busiest time of year is certainly summer, since that’s when we have the most consistently nice weather and everybody wants to get outside and have photos of their dogs taken, some of my very favorite shoots ever are in the wintertime.  The skies and light can be so dramatic, and you don’t get the same harsh light (and heat) from the sun, and because of that it’s also often easier to shoot indoors too. Bailey and Sake’s shoot was on a beautiful winter day, and took place at their home and parks on Queen Anne.

Bailey’s ‘thing’ is to play with the family room pillows. His owners love him so much they let him do it. I admit, it’s pretty cute and funny when he challenges you with a big green pillow in his mouth.

Who do you think got belly rubs from the photographer just before and just after this shot was taken?

seattle pet photography

Me: “copycat”…. Sake: “whut?”

This is a convenient place to tuck in a tail so it doesn’t get stepped on. Very smart Bailey.

How cute is this face?? He’s a mixed rescue dog, just like Fergie. Bailey is 11 years old.

seattle pet photography

This is hard to believe, but Sake stood like that for several minutes, long enough for me to get shots from every angle. Because he is a Shiba Inu, I really think he was posing. He’s smart enough to know that’s what I was hoping for from him. Such a good  model.

Inside. Outside.

There is something about a dog looking out the window waiting for their owner to come home that fills my heart with joy.

I mentioned when I posted this photo on Facebook that Sake makes me feel like he is in Alaska somewhere in this shot. I’ve created a lot of sunset shots before, but nothing with these colors and tones, and I think they fit perfectly with this little Shiba Inu. Dramatic and regal doggie!

Ok, maybe not so regal.

seattle pet photography

Talk about dramatic skies. I actually had to desaturate the blue in Lightroom, and it still doesn’t look real (it was).

seattle pet photography

Thank you Bailey and Sake for the super fun photo shoot! I can’t wait to see what your parents pick out, and I can’t wait to work on your products because it means I get to look at your darling mugs again! 🙂

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