New Blog!

The time had finally come for me to update my blog. It has a new theme and is also in the process of being migrated from my old (horrible, slow GoDaddy) server to my new (shiny, fast MediaTemple) server today, which means the blog will now load much faster. AND, not continue to get hacked with malware regularly. Yippee!

It is also mobile optimized, which means you can view it on your phone or iPad or other tablet. This means I can lay in bed at night and check out my fancy new blog on my own iPhone and iPad. Yay!

You can now comment with Facebook, and the regular comments are working flawlessly. I also have a new sidebar to make frequently accessed information easier to find. I did make this blog much wider than the old one, because based on my stats, 95% of my audience is using a 1280px wide or higher display, with the vast majority at 1360 or higher. My apologies to those of you who are on a small 1024 display!

If you find any issues with functionality, please leave me a comment here or drop me a line. Because the blog is being migrated to a different server today, we may experience some down time, but should be back up shortly. I’m leaving that to the experts at Media Temple. No more heavy lifting with blog and web stuff for me!

Now that my blog is happy and new, expect more posts from me very soon! Enjoy!

new seattle pet photography blog

My Seattle pet photography business gets a new blog makeover! Next up: a new website!


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