Retiring from the Beautiful Beasties and teaching

For my photographer followers who missed the news in the email I sent on Friday, the post on the BB blog and the post on the BB Facebook page, I wanted to alert you to a new change:

Due to a diagnosis of an illness this week I have made the difficult decision to retire from the teaching side of my business, so I can turn my 100% of my focus to both healing my body, and running my portrait pet photography business Cowbelly Pet Photography. Working for fellow photographers has become a full time business, and adding that to my current full time business of Cowbelly Pet Photography means that taking care of my health isn’t possible if I continue to do both, so the teaching side unfortunately had to be cut. Please read through this blog post to see what the changes include.

What is going away:

New posts on the Beautiful Beasties blog. There are a handful of new posts scheduled for January, and after that the blog will remain static with no new posts. The blog will remain where it is, for the benefit of those who have yet to stumble upon it. Sadly the ‘no-new-posts’ includes guest posts. This website will remain ‘as-is’.

The DVDs I had planned to do this year, which I no longer plan to do now or in the future.

The Beautiful Beasties Facebook page. I will be posting notifications of this on the wall, and plan to delete the page before the month is over, to reduce my overall workload and the pressure to answer comments and questions.

The Beautiful Beasties Mailing List has now been dissolved. You won’t be receiving any more email or blog notifications if you are signed up for it.

Teaching, emailing, networking, and advice giving in any other form, including answering questions from photographers on my Cowbelly Facebook wall, which is now dedicated to marketing my portrait pet photography services.

What is remaining:

The Beautiful Beasties Network will stay in place indefinitely. I will continue to approve new members and reply to emails regarding applying and/or membership. If you have not yet joined, I strongly recommend it, as it’s a GREAT place to get input and advice from your peers. Sadly as much as I want to, I will no longer be participating in the discussion forum, except for very occasionally.

My Beautiful Beasties: A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography book will of course continue to be in circulation. Amazon recently sold through their first batch of copies, which is a good sign they will continue to sell more.

My 2013 PDF guides will remain available indefinitely, although I don’t plan to write anymore, and unfortunately won’t have the time or energy to invest into offering upgrades for those who purchased the 2012 guides. They will always be available on the Beautiful Beasties product page. Contact me for current discounts and sales that may be floating around the interwebs with my partners.

Because of these changes, I will be putting in place auto-replies for all of my ‘for photographers’ email addresses, including the beautiful beasties email address that this email replies to. I will only be replying to critical, purchase or membership-related questions.

It was a GREAT run as a teacher these last five years in this wonderful industry, and along with helping others, I have learned so much myself. I am looking forward to healing my body and re-investing time into my own business, still very happy and hopeful for what the future holds in store and have big plans for Cowbelly that I am excited about executing. I want to thank any photographer in advance who emails me their well wishes. Your understanding and compassion truly mean a lot to me.

I am sincerely sorry about this change but I am sure there will be many more pet photography teachers to come! This is just the beginning of this exciting industry. My very best wishes to all of you! 🙂

Jamie Piper
Owner/Operator of the Beautiful Beasties

4 thoughts on “Retiring from the Beautiful Beasties and teaching

  1. Jamie! I don’t know how you do all that you do. Thank you for being willing to let us into your life with Fergie and share so much of your training. You help make us all better and all elevate the industry 🙂

  2. Good luck to you! I am very sorry to hear about your illness, and I’m sure it was a hard decision to come to this, but gotta do what you gotta do for you!

    Sending prayers your way!

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