Charlotte and Jack’s Sunny Seattle Waterfront Fall Shoot

How adorable are these furbabies? Charlotte is the auburn-haired Yorkie and Jack is the handsome black Chi. They are much tinier than they appear in these photos, and I had to watch my step when moving around them. They are two of the sweetest, most loving, awesomest little dogs I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Charlotte is a confident little supermodel, and Jack is the shy, timid one who doesn’t realize how handsome he is.

Jack the Chihuahua Seattle Pet Photography

Jack the Seattle Chihuahua's tiny dog tag

Charlotte the beautiful auburn Yorkie

Jack & Charlotte Seattle Yorkie and Chihuahua

Poor Jack was terrified of the bubbles.

Jack & Charlotte Seattle Yorkie and Chihuahua

Jack & Charlotte

Jack & Charlotte Seattle Chihuahua and Yorkie

Jack & Charlotte Seattle dog photography

I love the way Charlotte is looking up at her daddy in this photo

Jack & Charlotte Seattle dog photography

Jack & Charlotte on the Seattle waterfront

Even teeny dogs can run with me!

Jack the smiling Seattle chihuahua running through grass

Jack & Charlotte Seattle dogs photo

Jack & Charlotte seattle dog photo


Jack the seattle chihuahua with a big nose toward the camera


Jack the Seattle Chihuahua photographed on the downtown Seattle waterfront


Jack the Seattle chihuahua

Excited to design their Photobook and see it come to life. Thanks little munchkins for the great shoot! Seattle pet photography.


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  1. Kudos to you for getting some great photos on a beautiful Seattle day! I think Seattle really lends itself to photography due to its always changing weather, and incredible locations; discovery park, gasworks, seattle center, etc… You did an absolutely magnificent job capturing the personalities of these guys. Great job!

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