Dudley and Elli, VIP Edmonds WA Yorkie dogs

These adorable little yorkies were a surprise shoot for their daddy, who plays for the Seattle Mariners. We created a beautiful 7×10 photobook for the dad from images resulting from the shoot, a gift for their wedding anniversary. Apparently these little guys are the apple of their dad’s eye, and I was thrilled to be able to create such a special product for him. Thank you Dudley, Elli and Justine for such a fun shoot!

Dudley and Ellie yorkies on mom's lap with Dustin Ackley's bobblehead

Ellie Yorkie running in waterfont wall on front of seashore

Ellie and Dudley yorkies with their mom in Edmonds

Dudley the Yorkie on the Edmonds waterfront with ferry in background

Dudley the Yorkie in grass playing with his stuffie

Dudley the Yorkie plays with his stuffies in his backyard

Ellie Yorkie dog making funny faces in grassy backyard with blue sky

Dudley the Yorkshire Terrier's cute little butt

Dudley the yorkie playing on his couch in his beautiful living room

Dudley and Ellie on their beautiful white velvet living room couch

Dudley and Elli yorkies at home in their living room and family room

Dudley the Yorkie close-up on cute face and eyes

Dudley and Yorkie feet and legs close-up

This is the front and back cover of the Photobook I designed for Dudley and Elli (and their parents!). Front- right- back-left. Pretty cute if I do say so myself. 🙂

Photobook cover for Dudley and Ellie pet photography photobook by Cowbelly

Seattle dog photographer photographs two VIP doggies

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