This little blog is ranked 82,547th in the U.S. by Alexa

From time to time I check the Alexa ranking for this little blog, to see how I’m doing with my traffic and SEO.

Currently the overall Alexa ranking is 506,815 worldwide, and 82,547 in the United States. According to Netcraft, in March of 2012 there were somewhere in the range of 644,275,754 websites on the world wide web, and the thought that this little blog is in the top 507,000 websites worldwide is just mind-blogging to me. (Oh wow, that last sentence was a total Freudian slip. Meant to say -‘mind-boggling’!! lol). That’s the top .078% of websites worldwide. WOW!! Most photography websites and blogs are between 2 million and 4 million, with most around 3 million, so once you get below 1 million it’s cause for celebration. Under 500k and you are really going places. 🙂

Alexa ranking of top pet photography blog

I have been delighted over the past few months to see that the current rankings are better than ever before. Traffic and stats are directly measured, and have been for several years, so the results are accurate (according to their processes anyway). Because I know I have been a bad blogger for a long long time, I am actively trying to change that. The amount of traffic certainly warrants me blogging more often.

In an upcoming post about my thoughts about Facebook, I will explain why I am shifting back to spend more time on my blog. You guys, my lovely followers, can expect more frequent content, and different kinds of content, than ever before. And the blog will be getting a little makeover before the year ends (don’t worry, it won’t be a drastic change, and you’ll still get the big images!). I’ll also be switching servers, and hope to have the images and pages download faster with fewer issues at that time, which should make for a more enjoyable user experience.

I will also be moving the blog to a subdomain on, and forward traffic from here, but I’ll give you all plenty of advance notice before doing so.

Thank you everyone for making this blog what it is. I am deeply grateful to you for stopping by. 🙂


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