Joey the Seattle Dog Model

Joey was my mock client shoot during the September Cowbelly Pet Photography workshop in Seattle. Having just done a shoot of another puppy- Jones, I was in puppy heaven. It’s not very often I get to photograph puppies, and I had forgotten how much of a blast it is. Thank you Joey for being such a fun and happy dog!

Running yellow lab puppy in field

Yellow lab puppy in front of blue sky and marina

Yellow lab puppy in green grass with blue sky

Yellow lab puppy in marina with boats and water

Yellow lab puppy in front of sunny blue sky

Yellow lab puppy with sialboat and drinking water from a stainless steel bowl

Yellow lab puppy hanging out on an anchor bench

3 thoughts on “Joey the Seattle Dog Model

  1. Thanks Jamie! I love bright vivid color and am playing around with different shooting angles to get that bright blue sky in my photos. I just love how you capture that bright happy blue color that makes your photos carry your “signature”. Dogs don’t squint usually as much as humans too, so that helps! 🙂

  2. Tara Lynn- this shoot was actually at 5pm on a September evening, which was about two hours before sunset (not idea but I don’t have much choice with timing these workshop shoots- they are usually in the mid-afternoon). The thing about shooting in Seattle is you never know what you are going to get light-wise. It could be the middle of the day and look like it’s 4pm. I’ve had sunset shoot that are *way* too bright, and 7am shoots outdoors where I am shooting at 1600 ISO. It’s always a crap shoot here, but I always try and shoot either early morning or late afternoon/evening depending on the time of year. Whatever challenges the Seattle light throws at me (which are many), I just fix in Lightroom. Fill light is my friend. 🙂

  3. Jamie, you seem to shoot in broad daylight. I always shoot about an hour or so before sunset. I usually have humans with the pets in the shoot, although the shoot is focused on the dogs. How do you get such even lighting mid-day!?!?

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