My love affair with Twelve South’s BookBook iPad and MacBook Pro cases

Last fall when I was searching for a case for my new iPad I stumbled on the Twelve South website. I immediately sat up in attention and thought “wow”, when I saw their trademark brown leather cases that look like old worn textbooks, called, appropriately- the BookBook. The MacBook Pro and iPhone and iPad cases I was seeing on my screen were unlike any other cases I had looked at.

After careful consideration I purchased the red case for my iPad. It fully zips closed, virtually eliminating the chances of your iPad falling out of it while transporting. I have dropped my case several times (onto carpet), and the contained iPad has been perfectly fine. There is a little bit of padding on the inside. (Note- the padding on the iPad case is brown- the padding on the macbook pro cases is red). The cases have soft leather zipper pulls. The iPad case is pictured here below.

bookbook ipad case, twelve south

Once I had the iPad BookBook firmly in hand, and decided I loved it madly, I then had to have the matching MacBook Pro case, pictured below. I really wanted the black case to go with my red case, but Amazon, Twelve South and pretty much every other e-tailer known to man were sold out of the 17″ MacBook Pro case, except for one site. And they had one left in back- and I bought it. (Pictured right under the MacBook Pro below).

bookbook ipad case, bookbook macbook pro case (2)

I have been using my two cases for over a year now and I absolutely LOVE them. I was at a fancy bar a few months ago with my formidable 17″ MacBook pro BookBook case sitting next to me closed for about an hour on the bar. When I finally opened it up the three people next to me (strangers to each other), all looked over and said “Whoa! That’s a laptop case?” “That’s so cool!”. The cases make a great conversation starter.

It would be impossible for me to over-exaggerate how awesome I think these products are. So awesome in fact that I’m planning to sell my 17″ macbook pro soon (mint condition with a new O/S and brand new hard drive if anyone is interested!), but one of the things holding me back from selling it is that I love the case so much I don’t want to part with it. Lol. Ah well, I will just need to get a case for my 15″ MacBook Pro then. The only question is: black or red. Hmmmm….

bookbook ipad case, bookbook macbook pro case (3)


The other night I was laying in bed and I was thinking about what I would do if my house caught on fire. My first thought was “how would I get Fergie down from my second story bedroom?”. My second thought was “I wonder if my iPad BookBook would fit in my purse….”. Ha!

If you are looking for a new case for your iPad, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, get a BookBook! Oh! And they also make iPhone BookBook cases too, wheee!

3 thoughts on “My love affair with Twelve South’s BookBook iPad and MacBook Pro cases

  1. Hello there, we share an affinity for Twelve South’s ‘BookBook’ cases, and like you, I too scoured the internet for the MacBook Pro 17″ case. I know this is a long-shot, but I know you will understand the glimmer of hope behind my question to you. Although your post is dated almost two and half years ago, would you by any chance still have your 17″ BookBook case and if so would you be willing to sell it?

    I have BookBook cases for my other MAC products and I adore them all, but my 17″ laptop sadly sits in its silver bareness amidst its leather clad family while I chase down any to lead to find Twelve South’s vintage looking cover for it. 🙂

    I hope you’re still enjoying all your BookBooks.

    1. Orianne- I’m so sorry but unfortunately I sold it a couple of years ago along with the 17″ laptop itself. I know how great these cases are- I would die if I ever had to part with my ipad bookbook case. I hope you end up finding it on ebay! 🙂

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