Seattle Dog Models in Cowbelly September Pet Photography Workshop photo shoot

I’m a bit behind in blogging these guys because I am nose-deep in client orders. But I really wanted to get them on the blog, because these dogs were so cute and so fun!! I captured these shots during the group shoot portion of my Cowbelly Pet Photography Workshop in September, and I love looking around at all of my photographer attendees with big smiles on their faces, interacting with the dogs and humans, everyone having such a blast. This year has been my best, most fun workshop shoots to date, and I am so grateful to all who attended- both photographers and pet owners alike!

The shot on the right cracks me up. There is something very funny about a Greyhound to me. I know most people find them to be regal, but many of the Greyhounds I’ve worked with have just been big, goofy hams!

This is Jake, and it was his birthday the day of the shoot! Happy Birthday Jake!

Ringo was an absolute superstar, which you can see more evidence of below.

Jaden the Siberian Husky has eyes to die for!

I wanted to scoop little Violet up and take her home with me.

Violet, appropriately positioned in front of a purple wall! And Casey, the goofy, lanky, super fun, super sweet dog model! Would you believe that neither of Casey’s (dog) parents have blond fur?! Apparently they are orange and red. He is the genetic anomaly, which I find incredibly cool.

Ringo performed for the crowd, and when given the command “Touchdown Ringo!”, would get down in a play bow. I could have photographed him all day!

A huge thank you to both the dog models, their parents and the incredible group of photographers I had for this workshop. You all were an absolute joy to work with, and you make my job incredibly fun. Thanks again! 🙂

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  1. Wow, these are incredible photographs!!! I found your site through the top seattle dog blogs – just started my site to feature dog-friendly establishments and activities in Seattle that may not be in the bigger sites like CityDog. Hope you like it!

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