Bastian sunny summer Seattle shoot

Bastian is an adorable rescued mixed breed pup that belongs to my cousin and his girlfriend. They had been wanting to do a shoot with me for ages, and we (ahem- I) was never able to coordinate my schedule to make it happen because of my book, and traveling, and the weather, etc, so when the need arose for a single dog for a mock client shoot for my July workshop, which also coincided with the weather starting to get nice, they were the first people I thought of to work with. I’m so happy that I got a chance to photograph Bastian, since he is one of the world’s coolest, funnest, funniest, charmingest dogs ever. You’ll see more fun photos of Bastian as we make products to capture him for posterity.

Kristi is an art director (a woman after my own heart), and Jason works in set construction for museum sets, traveling around the country to build super cool museums. A recent project of his? The Mob Museum in Las Vegas! How cool is his job?!

How rad is Bastian’s tag?

The shot on the left below is a new all-time favorite, and the shot on the right? Well, let’s just say Bastian listens when talked to. LOL. He also frequently talks back as well.

Jason and Kristi drove out to the coast to adopt Bastian, who was already an adult at the time. He was apparently terrified of men, but after spending a few minutes with Jason and Kristi he hopped in the car as if to say “Ok, let’s go!”.

I’m in love with the greens, blues, tans and reds in the images from this shoot. Totally unplanned happy accidents.

We are trying to get Bastian an audition for the new Benji movie. He is SO Benji it’s ridiculous. This dog is such a ham, and such a clown, and so full of party tricks, and also, incredibly easy to work with when he’s in front of the camera with gobs of people around (in the shot below there were no fewer than 20 people- workshop attendees and onlookers behind me), that he really just has to be the next Benji. He dances, he spins, she shakes, he talks, he bows. And he is also very obedient and food motivated. He would do incredibly well on the big screen.

You can help us help him get more attention from the Benji producers by leaving a comment on the photo Kristi posted to the Benji the Movie facebook wall here. Thank you in advance!

Thank you Jason and Kristi! I can’t wait to meet with you guys (and Bastian) to go over products together! 🙂

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  1. I love how you are able to get such expression from the animals you work with. Have you ever done a calendar? Would be great to look at all these cuties on my office wall.

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