My book is here!!

Yesterday was a GREAT day! My workshop attendees let me scoot out a few minutes early so I could rush back home from downtown to West Seattle to my business mailbox to pick up a box of my books shipped from Wiley. I made it with only one minute to spare before they closed, and walked out of the store with a heavy box and huge grin on my face!

Fergie with Beautiful Beasties book

 Fergie loves the book as much as her mama does! That’s her cute smiling mug in the purple circle photo!

Over the past couple of days a bunch of book recipients around the U.S. have been posting photos of their pets with their new Beautiful Beasties book to my Cowbelly Pet Photography Facebook wall. It has been so fun to see pets with the book from every corner of the country. It will be a couple/few more weeks yet before the international purchasers receive their book, but once they do, we’ll see photos of pets + Beautiful Beasties books around the world. How awesome is that?! The excitement felt by the book recipients is palpable, and it just makes me so gosh darn happy I wrote it.

The ‘Look Inside’ feature on Amazon will be going live literally any day now, AND, I also last night uploaded the additional content that didn’t make it into the printed book as a PDF on the book page of the new Beautiful Beasties website. Anyone, book owner or not, can download this free PDF guide, so get over there and check it out. The PDF is comprised of two Appendices- Appendix A- Pet Photography Resources Guide filled with links to all kinds of different businesses, websites, and resources, and Appendix B- a Dog Breed Notes Guide, filled with information on every breed group for those who need more general knowledge of working with different dog breeds as a pet photographer. My past workshop attendees will find Appendix A familiar because it’s comprised of many of the links that you have on your Vendor links/Resources file. This material IS contained in the Kindle book, so you don’t need to download it if you purchased the Kindle guide, only if you have the printed book.

It is so cool to see this project come to life. Still pretty hard to believe I wrote a book. I plan to write another post on my motivation behind writing it, share my muse (hint- it wasn’t Fergie!), and talk about what the experience was like behind the scenes.

For those who are new to this whole “I wrote a book” news and are like “Wait, what? A book? How do I get one?”, you can purchase the book directly through the Wiley & Sons, Inc website here, or through the site here. If you don’t want to wait for the ‘Look Inside’ feature to go live but really want to know what the contents of the book are, you can see the entire Table of Contents in this blog post here.

The book has been #1 in the bestselling ‘Professional Photography’ books bestseller list for the past week, an incredible position it also held for the first week after I announced it. Since that time it’s been either near the top or at #15 (not sure what the deal is with the number 15, ha!). Considering there are 538 professional photography titles, including titles written by the likes of Scott Kelby, Gary Fong, Jose Villa, Scott Bourne, and Dane Sanders, among others, this is an incredible honor, and one that still has me shaking my head in awe and disbelief.  I can’t thank my fans enough for buying the book. YOU GUYS are what made it #1.

Lastly, on the book front, I received this unsolicited email yesterday from a well-known colleague:

“I just received your book……..  and I am BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!  THE most comprehensive dog photography book I’ve seen out there.”

SO awesome.

Happy Reading everyone! I’m off to snuggle up in bed with the dog and check it out myself. Too freaking cool. 🙂

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  1. Well done, Jamie! Been following your work for the past 6 years, I contacted you back in 2006 when you were just starting to get busy busy! Looking great and so is Fergie! Wishing you continued success and I’m still working on building my pet portraiture into my business, hopefully I’ll get there in a few years!

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