Palm Springs

In late April/early May I headed to Palm Springs with my dad for my first trip there ever. Over the years I’ve had many clients who own vacation homes there, part of a large group of ‘snowbirds’ who winter there when the weather turns bad at home. They have all told me how great the place is, and in desperate need of sun, it didn’t take much arm twisting from my dad to go. Here are some pics from my wonderful trip to the desert.

The view of the lush scenery from our room at the gorgeous Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells. This resort reminded me a bit of one of my other very favorite hotels: the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines outside of Austin.

The adult pool at the Hyatt. I could float on my back there and stare up at the sky forever.

The view from floating on your back in the pool.

Can someone tell me what kind of flowers these are?

The outdoor area at the spa. Divine.

Downtown Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Gotti Pit Bull. He had short little legs and was a sweetheart.

Wish I was there right now instead of buried under a mountain of work! Yeah, I know it’s like 105 degrees, but I’d take it.

On a recommendation from friends, papabear and I took the tram up to the top of the San Jacinto Mountains. With many years of snowboarding under my belt, I’m not normally one to be afraid of heights, but I must admit, when the tram passed the towers, I was holding on tight. The view of the Coachella Valley was spectacular. That’s Palm Springs below.

I cannot wait to go back, which, if I play my cards right, will be in January of next year. Thank you Sharon and Spencer for such an awesome day spent taking me around town, having lunch at the Parker, talking non-stop and playing with the pups. Thank you to the many wonderful pet owners I met while there. Thank you to my papabear for pushing me to take a few days off and go. I’ll see you soon PS.

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  1. Great photos! Hopefully I’ll get to meet you when you’re down this way in January!

    Robin – the puffs of mist are misters; they lightly spray cool mist on people who are in the heat. : )

  2. Great photos! In the pic with the people sitting in the restaurant, what are the puffs of mist for? Are they for people? The air?

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