Bird & Squeak- Palm Springs Pet Photography

These adorable desert doggies are Bird & Squeak, Sharon Montrose‘s dogs, captured for posterity in their backyard in Palm Springs on a beautiful April afternoon. For clients interested in Palm Springs or Palm Desert pet photography, please see the Destination page on the Cowbelly portfolio site for details. I have the BEST time in Palm Springs, and I can’t wait to photograph the town’s kitties and dogs when I head back in 2013.

A dog’s life is RUFF.

I love these little munchkins so much I wanted to scoop them up and take them home with me! Till next time little ones. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Bird & Squeak- Palm Springs Pet Photography

  1. Both you and Sharon Montrose together in one day for a pet session? I would have died of happiness. These photos are so fun and happy. Like everything you do!

    1. It was just super low key. Sharon and her husband Spencer were just relaxing outside with the dogs while I photographed them. It wasn’t a true ‘session’, just playing and experimenting with my new camera, which I was grateful they let me do on their kids. I brought the cam to Palm Springs with me and was hoping Bird and Squeak would be there, and they were. I love those little guys!

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