Gorillas in my midst

This is the second part of the Woodland Park Zoo post. Because Michelle and I were there on a slow weekday, we were able to get very close to the family of gorillas, who were huddled under cover near the glass due to the inclement weather. Being so close we could reach out and touch them were it not for the glass, and all we could say the whole time was “wow”. What incredible animals.

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13 thoughts on “Gorillas in my midst

  1. Jamie, these are fantastic!! Now I totally want to go to the zoo and sit in the chimp house. Do you mind if I ask what lens you used for these?

  2. Love these Jamie! It’s tough to get good zoo shots that don’t look like they were taken in the zoo. The majority of these look like you were up close and personal with no sort of barrier. Great Job!

  3. Remarkable photo’s. I’ve been following your blog for some time now – as a newbie photographer (hobby only at this stage!), I learn a lot by looking at the work of the pro’s. This is a great blog, and I really enjoy the pics and posts. Just wanted to say “thank you”.

  4. these are just spectacular! I can only imagine how cool it must have been to be right there shooting these amazing creatures. And I thought getting good shot s of our 2 shelties and 1 Doberman was cool!

  5. I LOVE these! I have a very big soft spot for primates, and these shots made me laugh. Such funny creatures – you did a great job capturing them!

  6. OMG!! Jamie you have outdone yourself! Absolutely Beautiful…anything that can touch a persons soul with a picture like you just did is amazing…Thank you so much for sharing these with us…You have truly made my day…

  7. Wow – what a phenomenal series of shots, Jamie! You have captured so many moments of personality in these amazing creatures. <3 it.

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