Happy 5th Adoption Anniversary Fergie!

5 years ago today Fergie started her new life with me, pulled from doggie jail and brought home with me to begin our time together. I don’t have words for how grateful I am that I found her, how incredible of a dog she is, and how lucky I am that she puts up with me. I cherish every single day I have with her, I can’t imagine life without her, and I’m hoping for at least another 10 years together. I love you so much Fergie!! Happy adoption birthday baby!! ๐Ÿ™‚

12 thoughts on “Happy 5th Adoption Anniversary Fergie!

  1. Happy Anniversary Fergie & Jamie!

    You found each other just 8 days before my Leo & I found one another!
    I rescued Leo from doggy jail… he was about 10/11 months old..had been abused, neglected..had issues..

    Today.. Five years later, He’s a graduate of obedience school…We’ve resolved the “issues”.. He’s my best friend and my boon companion! He’s fun, smart, beautiful, patient and altogether brilliant! I’m so thankful and blessed to have found him!

    Aren’t our furry kids the greatest??


  2. Aw, happy adoption anniversary, Fergie & Jamie! In less then a month, Buddy and I will have our 5 year anniversary, too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Awwww Happy Gotcha Fergie <3 – no waaay are those first pics her!! :-O she looks so different – and sooo cuttttte (not that she isn't now!)

  4. I love that picture of her! She’s such a beautiful dog. Happy adoption anniversary to both of you!

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