Louis the zany jazzy crazy Scottie’s Seattle pet photography

I had the immense pleasure of photographing Louis (pronounced “lew-ee”) last month for a Christmas gift for his dad. It was bitter cold out, but we had an absolute blast. I hope it shows in the photos. I love Louis!


The gift for Louis’ dad- a custom Decopaw Design triptych. Printed on an 18×46 canvas. I consider this one of the ‘avant garde’ designs, and I love it when clients request these! I custom designed a little silhouette of Louis to go down in the bottom right corner, and picked the perfect font to fit his personality for his name, something I do for all triptych clients. Just adds an extra special detail that really personalizes it to that particular pet.

Tania thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with your boy and create some fun art for Christmas!

Seattle pet photography and modern dog art by Cowbelly Pet photography and Decopaw Design.

13 thoughts on “Louis the zany jazzy crazy Scottie’s Seattle pet photography

  1. I love your work. I saw the scottie story republished on TeePee12’s blog & decided to look at your blog site & web page. You do good work so I hope you’re making it as a pro. – Bob

  2. OH MY GOSH!…How adorable is he!…I have 2 Scotts…and a camera…and now inspired! WOW, have I been missing out! Great photos…wonderful crazy, zany, jazzy Louis! Love him! Smiles, Rebecca

  3. I love these photos. They remind me of my mom’s scottie, Tattoo. Jazz paws reminds me of Tattoo’s panda paws!

  4. The Jazz Hands rule, and I love all the triptychs! What a personality! Is he mixed with a little vampire? Those teeth are something else! Great stuff, as always!

  5. The one with the jazz hands is TOO cute! Actually had to sigh out loud when I saw it.
    Great job!

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