Fergie Christmas Video

Fergie and I hope you all had a *wonderful* Christmas. We are home relaxing on our vacation, but will post more images this week! Here is a little video of my girl opening her stocking and presents. It’s guaranteed to make you ‘awww’ and laugh out loud. P.S. I don’t normally sound like such an idiot when I talk. Only when I talk to my dog. Hopefully SOME of you can relate! lol

Have a great week everyone! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Fergie Christmas Video

  1. Just discovered your blog and IN LOVE!!! My 5 year old daughter cried from laughing so hard at Fergie and her gifts. Harriet and kitty were our fav parts 🙂

  2. Any time I am feeling down or having a bad day, I watch this video. Guaranteed to put a smile on my face!! Thanks Fergie!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. I was cracking up because my doggies did the same “crazy dog shake” with their Christmas presents as well. Too cute!

  4. Loved watching Fergie open presents, Kanaya just would tear into them each year; what wonderful memories! Love the chicken; great video!

    Happy New Year Jamie! Happy New Year to all the Cowbelly readers out there!

  5. Oh my gosh, she is so darn cute! I love the kitty part at the end! And I totally sound like that when I talk to my dogs too…only I naturally have a squeaky voice so it’s like, 50 times worse!

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