Riley is a super sweet 15 year old. Sadly Riley has started having some pretty serious health issues and her mobility is very limited. She is most likely nearing the end of her time with us here on earth, and her mom had me photograph Riley so I can create a piece of Decopaw art of her dear girl. I had such a wonderful time with Riley and her mom and feel so lucky that I get to create this beautiful gift for them. I’ll post the completed art proofs here when they are done.

That yellow fabric is Riley’s bed. We dragged it out into the yard so Riley wouldn’t have to stand for the shoot, and she’d have a comfortable place to lay down (awww).

This is the photo we chose to turn into an art piece. I love how dynamic it is, and love that Riley’s ear is swinging in it. I also love her adorable back legs and tail, both of which are a big part of who she is.

Riley was (surprisingly) afraid of the camera, but you wouldn’t know it from these photos. It just goes to show that even timid/shy dogs can warm up to a Cowbelly photo session.

Martha thank you so much for having me come and photograph Riley. I’m really looking forward to seeing your completed art on canvas.

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  1. What a great way to remember a beloved pet, can’t wait to see teh final result of the Decopaw art

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