Fergie in (snowy) Wonderland

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday: dark and blustery skies: today: beautiful blue skies and sunshine. I just had to get out this morning to do another session for the Fergs.

Here is a completely random tangent. When my sister and I drove to Pacific Beach recently we were stopped at a light in Aberdeen, and *swear* that we saw Flavor Flav standing on a street corner. We were pretty much completely freaking out and screaming and laughing and pointing, and at one point I turned to Fergie and said “Fergie, is that Flavor Flav??!!”, to which she got all excited, not because she has any idea who Flavor Flav is, but because it’s usually a good thing when I point excitedly through the car window. So anyway, that experience left quite the impression on my sister and I. Guess who now goes by the name ‘Fergie Fergs!!”? (said with the same intonation.). I don’t know if she likes her new nickname or not, but she always seems happy when I say it.

11 thoughts on “Fergie in (snowy) Wonderland

  1. Oh, wow. Jamie! The second picture down with the sun burst and Fergie looking in the other direction is stunning. I love the green color popping through the white of the sun and the snow. Well done!

  2. Wicked stuff, loving the sun flares, works well, oh and i still LOVE her jumper. Oh and much hugs and love from us over here for Fergs 🙂

  3. Sarah & Julie- last weekend Fergie cut the pad open on the back of her leg (by where the dewclaw would be). It’s not too bad and should heal on it’s own in a few days. I’m giving her extra love to help with the pain. 🙂

  4. Wow- you got a lot more snow than we did! Fergie Ferg looks gorgeous as usual! I thought she was wearing leg warmers – but looks like it is just on one leg – little bandage? Hope you are enjoying the snow!!

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