11 thoughts on “today in Seattle….

  1. That snowball shot is amazing! I would kill for some snow shoot opportunities, but it ain’t happenin here in Houston! 🙁 Can’t wait to see more….I’ll enjoy vicariously!

  2. Thanks ladies! I’ve got more to share but I wanted to get these online today. 🙂

    Melissa- yep, that was me throwing Fergie’s snow-covered tennis ball. If I can brag about anything, it’s that I’ve developed *really* good timing when it comes to snapping photos. the hard part is keeping your camera hand still to prevent blur! lol

  3. Some of my fav pics of my girls are in the snow!! I love the snowball shot, I’m extremely impressed with your coordination if you managed to throw the snowball yourself while taking the pic 🙂

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