dog-friendly Seabrook WA ocean getaway

My sister turned 40 this year, and for her birthday gift I took her to the *fabulous* town of Seabrook Washington for two nights and three days. We stayed in a gorgeous dog-friendly cottage called Sea’s-the-Day, and of course brought the Fergs with. I had so many photos I ended up processing and uploading 290 images to the gallery I sent to my family. This is the narrowest selection I could come up with for the blog, but it’s still a long post! I’ve included commentary on Seabrook in between posts. It’s such a rad place for dog lovers to go, and has become the favorite destination for most of my Seattle pet-loving friends. I’ll be making biannual trips out there from here on. If you are in the Seattle/Tacoma/Portland area, or even if you’re  not, you should definitely think about making Seabrook a regular stop in your weekend getaway schedule! 🙂

I love being at the ocean when it’s foggy and misty, like it was in the 2011 dogs wall calendar cover shot taken in July. It’s kinda spooky, it’s kinda scary, it’s kinda eerie. I like it.

All of these top photos you see here were taken with my new 24mm 1.4L USM II, at f/1.4. The shot below on the right was taken at f/1.8. I was thrilled to learn I can do running action shots at such a shallow aperture and still have them come out in focus.

The beach cottage Michelle and I stayed at- Sea’s the Day. Every cottage at Seabrook is different. They did an incredible job developing a town that mimicks a real oceanside community.

Our cottage had a fully fenced yard and hot tub. The yard even contained a fire pit encircled by chairs, for those fun late-night marshmallow roasting sessions. My sis and I soaked in the hot tub one night in the mist with (plastic) glasses of Lindeman’s Raspberry Lambic in our hands. It was heaven.

Michelle loves Fergie as much as I do. Awww….

My sister took all of these photos of Fergie and I, which is really impressive considering I gave her a 2-minute tutorial on how to use my back button focusing white shooting at f/1.4 in full manual exposure. She rocks.

She will kill me for posting this to my blog! In my family we like to be goofy and have fun. Case in point.

It just wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t also have an unflattering photo of myself in here. I love this shot of Fergie and I.

You see quaint winding paths like this all over Seabrook. My trigger finger was going crazy.

Beach Camp: one of my favorite ‘neighborhoods’ in Seabrook, and the perfect place to stay if your budget is tight. They even have one little cabin that has a teeny fenced dog run outside, to make potty trips easier.

Every cabin at Seabrook has an adorable name, which just adds to the town’s charm.

Below is the house where Nichole and her fiancee Colin will be staying when they get married there next summer. If I’m remembering correctly, I’ll be staying there with them. Nichole says it’s ‘uh-mayzing’. Can’t wait!

Hope you enjoyed my photos of Seabrook as much as I enjoyed taking them! Michelle and I will be making an annual tradition out of going there, and I’ve already decided I need TWO ocean trips per year to stay sane, so I guarantee you these aren’t the last of the photos you’ll see of this darling little beach community!

8 thoughts on “dog-friendly Seabrook WA ocean getaway

  1. I *love* shingled houses! Love, love, love! So glad you got to get away from the hub-bub with your sister!

  2. Jamie, of all the posts you’ve done this has to be my favorite. The pictures of Fergie, you, and your sister are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your sweet vacation. Love it!

  3. Ooo, this place looks LOVELY! 🙂 Lovely piccies, love the ones of you and the Ferg! 🙂 Oh and hats off to your sis on using back-button AF as well! 🙂

  4. Love it! and I love that you have fergie hair all over you…I am permanently covered and few people understand : )

  5. Gorgeous! That place just looks an absolute dream, it really does.
    I’m going away with a bunch of friends, and dogs next week, granted not as nice a place as this but going to be fabulous nonetheless!

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