A little contest- win a 2011 Cowbelly cats or dogs Wall Calendar!

Yes, that’s right. You know you want one. Now you’ve just gotta decide which one you want- cats or dogs. “What is she talking about?” you ask? Why, the last post on this here blog! You can win a 2011 Cowbelly Cats OR Cowbelly DOGS wall calendar, and all you need to do is this (don’t worry, it’s easy):

  1. Check out the calendar pages for January through December for both the cats and dogs calendarsΒ here.
  2. Tell me in a comment on this blog post (click through to the blog if reading on Facebook or RSS), which month has your favorite photo in it and why it’s your favorite.
  3. Tell me which calendar you want if you win- cats OR dogs.
  4. Cross your fingers.

That’s it!

I will pick a comment at random using the lovely randomizer, and ship the calendar of your choice to you! And get this- it doesn’t matter where in the world you live. If you can get mail, I’ll send it to you. UK, Zimbabwe, Antarctica, the Maldives- whatever, I don’t care. Why? I’m feeling generous and I love you guys, my dear readers.

So get to getting already and go decide what your favorite month is!

Good luck everyone. I’ll post the winner here next Wednesday. πŸ™‚

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76 thoughts on “A little contest- win a 2011 Cowbelly cats or dogs Wall Calendar!

  1. I love january’s puppies!! love the ears on that Corgi against the graffiti. sooo cute!! i would love to wn a dog calendar. : )

  2. Hi,

    The Dog Calendar is phenomenal. Deserves to be in all bookstores. The cover simply blew me away. Such great composition. The monthly pictures didn’t disappoint either. Variety of dogs through variety of photography techniques. Superb!!

  3. I LOVE the March shots in the dog calendar – I’ve got a thing for big dogs! This pup looks so at home on the beach and I love the detail shot of the paw paired with it – it’s perfection! I’d love to win the dog calendar πŸ™‚

  4. february because it’s in front of the Experience Music Project and when i first saw your photography, i saw that and WISHED i lived in seattle so you could shoot sanger there. i was luck enough to actually get you to come to me and produce the most beautiful photos of my baby. i’m so glad you did. also, i love june too because i’m a sucker for older black dogs and it makes me miss my girl. in a good way.


  5. The dogs. October for me. The picture with Bouncer in the long grass and flowers is great. All that grass but you are still drawn right to the dogs eyes and face… LOVE it…

  6. hi jamie!
    both calendars are superb!..but if i were to pick a month from the doggie one i would go with may with the sweet white frenchie standing with her back legs in the flowers!…makes me grin not to mention may is my birth month too!….and the dog cover is uh-may-zeen-lee gorgeous! you nailed it!

  7. I really love the playfulness of the August photo of the Dogs calendar. However, the cover of the Dog calendar is probably my most favorite of all the photos. For sure a Dog calendar for me!!

  8. I couldnt decide on May or November because both Frenchies are just gorgeous. I love these 2 shots because it makes me happy to see happy and healthy frenchies. I am volunteer for The French Bulldog Rescue Network and so many times there are dogs that come in that have had no opportunity to enjoy life because of puppy milling, neglectful owners, and backyard breeding. Your work is beautiful and it truly shows all of the dogs and cats true natures…and of course I would want the dog calendar.Thanks and good luck!

  9. I LOVE the cover image for the Dogs calendar! It just illustrates the zen essence of dogs, love the negative space and the message I get from it, be here now, and be at peace. LOVE it. For the kitties I am in love with November, when I saw it it just made me laugh, cats are awesome characters and total comedians, which is why cats are so famous on America’s Funniest Home Videos πŸ˜‰ I love your work and both dogs and cats, so if we were to win I’d be happy with either!

  10. June! Maybe that month won’t get a ton of votes (or maybe it will!), but when I saw the lab’s face, it made me happy. You know, the warm, fuzzy kind of happy. When I look at that face I immediately saw true dog love! Not sure if the lab is male or female, but he/she looks older (just by the colors), but I can see love, happiness, and pure contentment on his/her face! I can also still see a puppy inside that wants to run and play! I can tell this beautiful dog enjoys life to the max and I’m willing to bet he/she lives to give love!! What a lucky family!

  11. October is my favorite month, but the cover shot wins me over, Period! Couldn’t figure out what it was from the tiny thumbnail, and once I enlarged the photo, gave me goosebumps. Awesome shot! You are so good at what you do!!! I hope to win the dog calendar, but will probably just buy one if I don’t win it. πŸ™‚

  12. Dogs. November. I LOVE this! The head hilt oozes with personality. Feels like you really know this little fur baby! The indoor surroundings make it feel cozy for November. I like January, too, though. The graffiti wall works well with the corgi. But November is my fav.

  13. Wow! Both are GREAT!

    Cats: January – LOVE that image!
    Dogs: The cover shot .. ROCKS!

    If I was to win .. hard to chose .. but I would take the dogs! πŸ™‚

  14. I love the November cat! He’s precious laying on his back just like my cat always does, PLUS November is my birthday month & Thanksgiving, so it’s just a great time of year! πŸ™‚ The whole calendar is gorgeous though. Such great quality pictures! πŸ™‚

  15. I cannot decide between February and August but after looking at it deeply, I think I will go with August in the Dog Calendar. I have always wanted to write a poem or essay or haiku about the landscape of my dogs. This fellows paws, and his wonderful expression of playful love, captured what having a good relationship wth your dog is all about. Fun Mess Furry Smiles.

  16. I love the August photo of the dog calendar. That dog looks like a big sweet teddy bear and those paws are just awesome. If I were to win, I’d love the cat calendar (because I already ordered the dog one).

  17. Love all of them, but if I had to choose, my favorite would be January on the dog calender. Great colors and great expression on the Corgi.

    On the off chance I win? Dog calender for sure! Crossing my fingers!

  18. I do love that Fergie cover. The photo has a very cool mood about it. But if I have to pick a month, it’s November. That black…french bulldog? The expressions are so adorable and full of personality!

    I’m totally a cat person, but I think I enjoy the photos of your dog calendar even more! I choose dog. =)

  19. So many great dogs to choose from… I’m having a hard time deciding between August and November. I love the detail of the paws and the comp of the shot. But then I saw November and had to give my vote for that month. How could you not vote for that beautiful face?? November by a (dog’s) hair.

  20. Love the cover shot for the dog calendar….exactly how a dog should be…running in a wide, open space with paws in the wind and a wag in the tail! πŸ™‚ Have just discovered your site….wonderful photography!!! πŸ™‚

  21. I know it isn’t a month, but I LOVE the misty beach Fergie cover. And I would love either if you pick me : )

  22. Both calendars are spectacular — tough deciding which month/calendar I love most. Some really special photography featured in both! So, given the task to pick just one, I’m going to pick the July photo from the dog calendar–the little guy in the teal sweatshirt in front of the Space Needle. Such an iconic image! And, if should be so lucky to win the drawing, I would like the dog calendar (please don’t tell my two kittehs which one I picked!).

  23. We think March is dog gone fantastic. The two shots work great together; the “big picture” and then a “slice” of the big picture. The dog’s expression is absolutely priceless…absolute joy. Then, the paw takes you deeper than a this emotional feeling and let’s you experience the textures of the moment (sand, wet, etc.). OF COURSE, my four-year-old says she likes the picture because you can see her two favorite dog parts “the doggie’s cute bottom and his paw.” Love it!

  24. Can I have two favorites? I adore August and October… August because those are some super duper adorable puppy feet! Plus, it’s not often that it works to focus on the feet… But when it does you get something adorable like that! πŸ™‚ And October because I just love his goofy grin! While I adore kitties, I’d like to win the dog calendar. πŸ™‚ Crossing my fingers!

  25. LOVE both calendars Jamie! If I have to pick, my favorite is the dog Nov. page. The expression and head-tilt remind me of my dog. If I win, I’d like the dog calendar. Great work!

  26. I adore January of the dog calendar! Love all of you photos taken at the graffiti wall, the photos are always gorgeous and its one of my favorite spots in Seattle to visit frequently. If I win, I’d love the dog calendar!

  27. I love the February dog photo! Such a cute pup. The purple background is stunning. I just love the dog calendar!

  28. Love August (dogs)! What Mother wouldn’t adore those precious dirty piggies? Love it! If I win, dogs please.

  29. Wow, what a tough choice. That cover on the dog calendar is simply amazing… I can’t stop looking at it! I also love October with the Fergie-look-alike, particularly the one on the left side. I love the sense of playfulness that comes through in that image! I think I would have to choose the dog calendar but I love the kitty one too!

  30. Cats calendar…March…I love Ginger kitties and them playing with there toy mousies is sooo cute. Definitely the cat calendar if my comment is picked.

  31. Hi Jamie! I love all the pictures but my favorite one in the Dog Calendar is the August one simply because the love between humans and dogs is very touching. All dogs should have that! πŸ™‚

  32. I LOVE November. That cute face, the expression.But that is only if I HAVE to choose…cause i really love them all!! I am a DOG person ALL the way. yellow lab and chocolate lab are my babies :o) Now am going to cross everything I have in the hopes I win!

  33. I love the August shot from the cat calendar!!! He’s an orange tabby (which I LOVE and have one of, too), he seems to have loads of character and the tie is too cute! πŸ™‚ If I win, I think I’d like the cat calendar. My husband is allergic so it’s the only way I’ll get more cats in the house πŸ™‚

  34. March is my favorite. It speaks…DOG. It just shows a dog being a dog and creating fun and joy. You can see the pups inner joy shine through, and it made my heart smile…

  35. Oooh I would love to win a CAT calender (because, I am a self proclaimed ‘crazy cat lady’. I love them all but my favorite is the kitty drinking from the faucet, because my boy Gigi does the same thing. πŸ™‚

  36. can the cover of the dog one be considered my favorite month? I was blown away by that shot. I love the textures of the sand, the reflection in the water and the lonely, peaceful, mystical feeling of the image.

  37. I like August (I believe it’s august) where the orange tabby has his paw raised, it makes me want to wave back at hime, which in turn makes me laugh. And of course he looks very handsome with the tie!

  38. I love the December dog because of the colors and the expresssion. A wonderful holiday composition. I would choose the dog calendar, although the cats are lovely as well.

  39. Oooh hope you pick mee πŸ˜€

    For the dogs i like November
    For the cats, that raised paw for August kills me πŸ˜€

    I’d go for the cat calendar to give away to some ‘crazy’ cat ladies haha

  40. First and foremost – love the calendars! I hope they do well, they’ll make awesome Christmas gifts!

    1. Favorite shot: the black lab in the dog calendar…I’m just a natural lab lover and those eyes kill me πŸ™‚
    2. I’d prefer the dog calendar.

    Amazing photos as always!

  41. It’s a cruel trick question if you belong to one of those dogs in the calendar, Ms. Jamie! October is tops (and ironically not your Fergie — hee hee!) because you captured two of the main parts of Bouncer’s personality, but a very close second is August. And the cover is really really spectacular.
    The combo of the owner’s kiss, the dog’s gaze at you, and those perfect paws in focus is brilliant. For the cats calendar, January makes me actually laugh out loud, so that’s #1 for the feline side.
    Your talent inspires.

  42. What great calendars!! I love both cats and dogs but I’m more partial to the pups. My fav month is August in the dog calendar….it just cracks me up seeing the dog’s and owner’s faces in the background.

  43. I love love love the picture on the left for October. The composition, the color, everything. Plus my dog has the same goofy look on his face when he’s being silly. I’d definitely want the dog calendar!

  44. I’ll agree…the cover of the dog calendar is genius, and it is the photo that speaks to me most. However, I am going to pick the month of July for the dog calendar because 1) it reminds me of my great time in Seattle at the Cowbelly workshop with the Space Needle and pugs; and 2)it’s my birthday month! I would definitely want the dog calendar (sorry kitties!).

  45. My number one month is the number one month! January on the dog calendar is my favorite! I love how the ears are the same length as the dog’s tongue πŸ™‚ Funny faces get me every time, plus the blue on this month is one of my favorite colors! If I am lucky enough to win, I would love the dog calendar! Thank you for the opportunity to own some of your work!! Happy 2011 to you!

  46. My fav is the cover. I just l-o-v-e it! I love the fog where you feel Fergie is alone and isolated. Yet there’s her reflection right beneath her. What strength she has. Her journeys/travels are long from being over with…….they’ve just begun with her by your side ready for the world……ready for anything……………………………………….

  47. Absolutely the cover shot of the dog calendar!! It gives the feeling of a peaceful solitude. It is beautiful to see such a vast space that still captures the detail of the ripples on the water. For me, it has to be the dog calendar πŸ™‚

  48. I love them all but I was blown away by the cover image of the dog calendar the moment I saw it so will chose that as my favourite! It’s so incredibly thought provoking. Simply stunning! Oh and if I was to win…I’d love the dog one!

  49. My favorite photo is January of the Cat Calendar.. why? Because that’s exactly what my cat does every day… it’s an awesome shot! However… I want the dog calendar! LOL!

  50. Jamie –
    I love the calendars completely! I have a favorite from each one, but my top choice is March from the Cats calendar. It tells a story, and it made me truly LOL! If I had similar shots of one of my cats, the captions would be “Nom-nom….Blech!” Or maybe “Flossing for cats, see?” LOVE IT!!!

    For the dogs I really love the cover art.

    If I win, Cats please!

  51. August, of the dogs calender I love doodle paws and doodle faces!! He looks just like my doodle Carlton, great shot! If I win? dogs for sure. (I love the cats too)

  52. Not a month..although having a pug I love that one. The cover is on of my all time favorite pics. I just love the entire feeling of the picture and the vastness of it. Just sayin!!!

  53. I will have to pick something else than the Jan-Dec pics… So be it: I LOVE the dog’s calendar cover photograph! I love the sense of unique, the composition, and the mood the mist gives the image…

  54. januray of the dogs calendar. That minimalist composition just floors me. So beautiful! I love the way the ripples in the water carry the eye through the bottom, and the the negative space becomes almost transcendent. Magnificent.

  55. Oh, I just love the dogs November shot. That little guy looks just like my Boston in that perfect ‘No-it-wasn’t-me-do-you-have-a-cookie’ head tilt.

    If I win? Dogs for sure. πŸ™‚

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