NWPP Interview with yours-truly

I recently completed an interview with James Morrisey, the creator and admin of the Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography Forum (NWPP for short). There will be 3 parts to this interview, and parts I and II are now live (with Part III to be posted in the coming weeks). In the interview James asks me questions about things like business and branding, and inspiration, and pricing, and stock work, and many more subjects. Go check it out here, and here, or click on the images below, and be sure to take advantage of the forums, which have almost 2700 registered members, and are a terrific resource for pet photographers. Thank you James for featuring me, and I look forward to Part III!

5 thoughts on “NWPP Interview with yours-truly

  1. Congrats Jamie! I have not had time to read it yet, but will soon! Your facebook site does not allow me to share a photo, but I posted one on my site that I took of a dog walking client today and made me laugh and just wanted to share the laugh with you incase you could use one!!

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