Anyone want to guess at what breed Matthew is? I’ll give you a hint- he’s not a papillon, he’s not a pomeranian, and certainly not a corgi mix (the shelter’s guess). I’ll leave the answer in the comments after you’ve had a chance to guess.

IMHO this would make the perfect Christmas card.


Matthew has the cutest car seat. I totally have dog car seat envy, having a pooch that is just a little bit too big to fit in pretty much any canine car seat made.


Matthew has lots of ‘friends’ in the way of little stuffed toys. Here’s something astonishing: he knows the name of every single one by heart, and learned them after hearing the name only one time. He brings them out to his mom when they are having breakfast, and piles them around himself. His mom will come home from work and he’ll have them arranged on the bed like he did on the left there. How cute is that?!







Julia thank you so much for inviting me to come and photograph Matthew. I’m excited about our products for your stairs and can’t wait to see his cute mug on canvas!

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22 thoughts on “Matthew

  1. DRUMROLL PLEASE! Matthew is a Peka-poo-pom-dach-tzu!! Pekingese-Poodle-Pomeranian-Dachshund-ShihTzu, in that order. I was wrong when I said he had no pomeranian, but he’s a lot more peke-poodle. Go figure!

  2. Like most, I would guess there is long-haired chihuahua in there. I’ll also guess part Cavalier King Charles. Can’t wait to hear the final!!

  3. I need to know what breed he is! My mutt looks just like him, and we have no idea what breed/breeds she may be! Btw, these photos are pure perfection! He looks like such a happy little camper!

  4. Jack russel/sheltie! He reminds me of my pup, a dachshund/australian shepherd mix. If I lived in the area, you would have photographed Patches years ago!

  5. I too guess long hair chichuahua OR sheltie mix?? adorable photos and I totally love the photo close up of his eyes…kind of ironic because I always try to get that “look” when taking photos of my son and it spills over into my animal photos as well. He looks like one really happy dog and much loved for sure! oh and love love love the one of him on the bed with head down next to his green stuffy! keep up the great work! you inspire me….I still am trying to figure out how you get such clarity…like crisp and clear to the photos as if looking into glass!! Very nicely done!

  6. I don’t know what he is…but wowee is he cute!! I absolutely love that first shot. As well as the tail shot at the end, just perfect!

  7. I bet he is acually a long-coated chihuahua. Handsome fellow! I’ve had the pleasure of photgraphing one of these papilon clones too 😀

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