Seattle September 2010 Workshop review

I wish I had more photos from the workshop last month, but all truth be told, I was too busy worrying about the weather (it worked out), and feeding everyone (it worked out too), to remember to take pictures. But I did fire off a few that you see below. A huge thank you to everyone for coming. Seeing your faces below makes me all squealy inside. I know I’ve said this before, but I really mean it when I say that I cherish the friendships I made with each and every one of you. And those of you who have been to my workshops and know me in person (hopefully) know I’m being totally sincere. I love that I get to continue to get to know you guys on the BBN and hope we can continue to support each other long into the future! 🙂

Cowbelly Class of 2010. I had a split second to fire off one shot before my Lumix battery died. (Sorry Judy!!)


Part of the group photographing our model Pepper. Pepper is a puppy, and Pepper is adorable, as you will see in the next post.


You can see a bunch of us reflected in the wall below. We had quite the crowd formed, including a guy none of us knew who was in there elbowing around with the rest of us with his DSLR, having a blast. Workshop shoots are so fun!!


Me demonstrating how *not* to photograph a dog on the left, and me paying my model for her hard work on the right.


Sandro getting close and personal with our 3 pugs. Enzo is right in front of him, hamming it up with the camera. You can see Sandro in the reflection in the shot a couple of posts back as well. I love that photo!


Next up, photos of our models themselves, because they were so stinking cute.

2 thoughts on “Seattle September 2010 Workshop review

  1. Hi Jamie, I’ve been a fan of your work for a while and enjoy your blog. I’m definitely not a professional like you, but I enjoy taking photographs especially of my dog. I noticed your demonstration of how not to photograph a dog…were you implying it was not the way because your feet or just because it was too high above the dog? Again, not a pro, but I personally LOVE photos of dogs looking up like that (without the feet, of course). I just think they look so sweet and innocent that way although, especially my girl, looking up and begging for treats. 🙂

    On another note, I think your new logo is great!

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