Seattle September 2010 Workshop dog models

Oh boy did we have cute dog models for the workshop last month! Pugs and a goldendoodle puppy!

Pepper. Little sister to Bodhi. I want to squish her she’s so cute.



Enzo, a sweet shy boy pug with an adorable turquoise blue hoodie.


Diza (left) and her buddy Poppy on the right. Diza is one of my all time favorite pugs to photograph, right after Trouble and Chaos (Charlie & Seymour). This was Diza’s third year coming to my workshop shoots!








6 thoughts on “Seattle September 2010 Workshop dog models

  1. The color in these photos is incredible! I love them all! The pugs look even more like aliens than they usually do. LOL! And that Goldendoodle, I want to snuggle up with her! We know someone who has a Goldendoodle and she is the sweetest thing. Everyone loves Daisy.

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