new camera bag ~ Crumpler 7 million dollar home ~ olive & red

I adore Crumpler products and have been the proud owner of the Crumpler Whickey & Cox camera bag for the past couple of years, a great backpack style camera bag that is perfect for traveling. But I’ve been needing a 2nd bag for a long time that would be better for regular city shoots. Something easier to get things out of that would work well when I don’t need to carry quite as much gear. So recently I finally made a decision on a new bag and picked it up from Glazer’s – the 7 Million Dollar Home in olive & red, pictured below.


To say I love this bag would be an understatement. It is AWESOME! It fits literally every single I would need for a normal shoot, namely the following:

  • Canon 5D body with 24-70mm lens with hood
  • 20mm 2.8 prime lens with hood
  • 24mm 1.4 prime lens with hood
  • 70-200mm 4.0 telephoto lens with hood
  • Canon 580EX II flash
  • Off-shoe cord for flash
  • Manuals
  • Contracts
  • Pens
  • iPhone
  • Wallet
  • dog toys + dog treat bag
  • poop bags
  • lens wipes
  • memory cards
  • multiple backup batteries

And it has loops on the ends that I clip carabiners to to hook my reflector onto (in the summer I’ll attach my water bottle).

Plus it has a beefy removable padded strap which makes it comfortable to carry, even when it’s fully loaded. Plus the deep kelly green color is just gorgeous.

I am so happy I bought this bag!

2 thoughts on “new camera bag ~ Crumpler 7 million dollar home ~ olive & red

  1. Ya know its so funny. I have a Crumpler that I picked up in Sweden and haven’t used it for years. Used to all the time. Thanks for reminding me how fabulous it is. Gonna dust it off and take it on my doggie shoots. It is the perfect on location doggie shooter bag.

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