Passport NYC Workshop Review

Ok, it’s time for some fun posts, and lots and lots of pictures! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

Last month was the inaugural Passport Pet Photography Workshop, which took place in New York City in the famed Flatiron District. Nichole and I spent many months preparing, and the final weeks before the workshop were nothing short of intense and exhausting. But our efforts paid off, and we had a workshop that blew even our own expectations away. Not to toot our own horns or anything, but it was fantastic! I loved teaching with Nichole, the group that we had was great, the location was amazing, the food was awesome, and the whole experience that weekend was one I know I will never forget. I look forward to the planning meeting I’m having with Nichole this week where we talk about where to go next!

With that said, I bring you the Passport NYC workshop review- as it should be- in pictures.

Beer & Pizza on the city street.


From left to right, the fabulous Mave Hotel, where most of the attendees stayed (and where we did our commercial shoot on Monday), a sign making sure the doggies know where to ‘go’, and Mr Alleegator, from the awesome Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, ridden by an adorable kitty cat, a gift from Josh from My alligator now lives on the lamp on my nighstand, and the kitty now lives on my vanity and I love them both.


Our gorgeous waitress at Brother Jimmy’s kept bringing us free stuff. First it was shots, and then it was this ginormous fishbowl filled with what they called ‘swampwater’. (A drink that was literally in a fishbowl). Notice Mr Alleegator nosediving in the drink? That was a really fun night. By the way, that’s Nichole, and her now-fiancee Colin (congrats guys!), who was a fantastic assistant all weekend. That is, between his food-filled eating jaunts around the city.


Speaking of food, I don’t normally eat burgers, but the New York Burger Company is AWESOME. So is Birch Coffee, which is owned by one of our dog model parents and right next door to the Mave Hotel. Thanks for your hospitality Jeremy!


Speaking of awesome, we held the workshop at the drop-dead gorgeous Flatiron District space Nest Event Loft. It was a beautiful and inspiring space, and we think our attendees liked it, because when they all walked in, all they could say was “wow”.


Nest loft details.






The view from the Nest windows was pretty spectacular. To the left you see the Flatiron Building, which is the view out the farthest left window on the right.


New York! It might take me a bit, but I’ll be back.


Did I mention eating good food? Oh the food memories I’ll have from NY will stay with me forever. These were the breakfasts we served to our attendees. A huge thank you to Colin for helping us find the best food providers in the city! We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you and your iPad.


Speaking of food, there’s the world-famous Shake Shack on the left, located right by the Nest Loft in Madison Square Park. Attendees to the Monday commercial + editorial workshop on the left, and attendees of the weekend workshop on the right. We had 20 peeps over the weekend, and 8 on Monday, making a fully sold out group, whoopee! (pardon the awful quality- these are iPhone pics).


We spent a lot of time in Madison Square Park. Two of our models below, giving us the feel of NYC park life on ‘the level of dog’.


Notice the girl taking pictures in the background on the left? ha! That’s Eden on the right, running through Madison Square Park, with New Yorkers behind her.


This darling little guy was a super sweet frenchie we nearly stepped on walking out of the loft one day. He really wasn’t as sad as he looked- he was just totally hamming it up with ‘sad dog face’ to get belly rubs from our large group of fawning dog lovers. He was all smiles and frenchie strut when he went on his merry way. Anyone remember what his name was? What a cutie pie!


Speaking of sad dogs, the day after the workshop ended Nichole and I took a tour of the ASPCA. How could you not adopt a dog after seeing this face below? I dream of a day when people stop buying dogs, and adopt them instead, so we will no longer see this picture.


Yes, please take home a friend. Take it from me and Fergie, mutts make awesome companions!


I want to sincerely thank everyone who attended that weekend, and made it such fun for Nichole and I. We positively can’t wait to teach our next Passport Workshop together, and are excited to see where we end up. More photos to come of our NYC doggie models!

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  1. hi, we got here from Mark Rogers Photog.
    love your blog 🙂
    totally second you on pet adoption. there’s so many waiting for good homes…
    we adopted our Mutt too!

  2. Fabulous weekend, and an amazing workshop! The pictures brought back some great memories. Can’t wait to see where you guys go next.

  3. Like I’ve said a zillion times already, that was one of the best things I have ever experienced. I can’t imagine trying to run a photo business of any size without it. Not only was the content fantastic, but the location, the grub, the Nest Loft, the whole deal. Thanks again! You guys are the best!

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