Fergie Ocean trip- part I

This was Fergie’s first ever trip to the ocean, a big 5th birthday present from me, and to say she loved it would be the understatement of a lifetime. She ran, she played, she romped, she smiled, she dug, she napped, she sniffed and marveled, all with a sense of joy only felt by a dog. I can’t wait until our next trip to the ocean, and I’ll be sure to bring my camera again.


big, wide open expanse of beautiousness. ahhhhhh….


an old favorite with a new favorite: ball + ocean = love.


tail chasing on cool sand pattern on left, happy happy dog with long tongue on right.


New flexible Kong frisbee- a gift from her grandpa. She LOVES that frisbee!





thick, heavy fog for 3 days was really cool and mysterious and kinda creepy. You really couldn’t see much of anything. Fergie would run ahead of me, and realize she couldn’t see me very well, then turn around and come back to make sure I was still there. It was so cute.





So many fun things to sniff at the ocean.



Fergie ocean sunset shots to come!

11 thoughts on “Fergie Ocean trip- part I

  1. OOO I love these shots,especially the foggy one from far awy. I’m craving the beach right now.

  2. Jamie I absolutely LOVE that shot of Fergie all alone on the beach in the fog. That is amazing. Just stunning.

  3. What a birthday! Fergie is sure to remember this one! Looks like she had LOTS of fun! Happy Birthday Fergie!

  4. Whoa you guys had thew entire beach to yourselves? Looks like she did have a a blast as evidenced by those silly faces 😀

  5. Aw what a lovely collection of beautiful photos…if you ever need a pet sitter for Fergie in Wales, give me a shout! She is LUSH! 🙂 You must have got soaked taking the photos in the water 🙂

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