Happy Birthday Fergie + Ocean Bound!

It’s my girl’s birthday today, and we’re off to the ocean to go play for the rest of the week. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees the beach and ocean for the first time. I might just have to take video of it and share it here. See y’all next week!

Since no post is complete, here is a recent shot of the Fergs, taken at my Graffiti Dog’s shoot last weekend. I hadn’t planned on bringing her, but she gave me puppy dog eyes so I let her come. Boy am I glad I did.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fergie + Ocean Bound!

  1. Happy birthday Fergie-licious! I hope you enjoy the ocean more than my puppies do. They are scared of the waves and the noise they make when they crash on shore. But you’re a big girl now and I’m sure you’ll love it xxx

  2. Well, happy birthday Fergie! My dog Chuppy loves the beach, but the waves have no mercy on us! Have fun!

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