Pug Party

As promised, photos of pugs. By the way, for those of you who are new, there is an entire category on this blog devoted just to pugs. Just click categories in the menu above and scroll down to pugs. Enjoy. 🙂

Fiona & Hendrix.




Bean. Most pugs look a bit like gremlins, but Bean *really* looks like a gremlin.


Bean in front of the carousel.


Manu. Poor sweet guy had a not very happy life before coming to live with his mom now. It made me sad to hear he was ever mistreated, as this little one has a heart of gold. I mean look at this face.


More Manu with his mom, who he clearly adores. I had to post this shot on the right below because I got a chuckle out of the fact that Manu’s mom’s nailpolish matched the wall behind them. Although I like to say that I ask all of my clients to paint their nails to match the color of walls we will be shooting against, I can’t take credit for it.


The infamous Frank. Frank has his own blog, and you should totally go check it out (Bean is on it too!). Oh Frank, you are so handsome.


Pug tail! This one belongs to Fiona, the lone fawn pug in the group.



Diza. Manu. I big time dig the happy accident shot on the right. The random abstract imperfect shots always seem to be my favorites. Those and the shots of hilarious goofy dogs. Like, um, the one on the left.


Fiona & Hendrix and their parents. How cute is this family?


On the topic of pugs, I’ll be pugsitting Fergie’s boyfriends Charlie and Seymour all day on Friday, and I’ll be tweeting about it and posting photos of their adventure all day, so if you are game for some laughs follow me there. The last time I pugsat them one of them ended up standing on my coffee table chewing up a Christmas card, while the other chased Fergie around and gnawed on her tail. It should be fun.

4 thoughts on “Pug Party

  1. This shoot totally makes me smile. My favorite photographs are Bean in front of the carousel, he just looks so regal. My other favorite is Fiona with the treat on her nose! Hilarious. Jamie your passion, energy and innovation just jump off the screen with these shots!

  2. I can’t promise anything for Charlie. But I do not chew Christmas cards. :p

    Love love love, the pug pics! The family shot of Fiona and Hendrix is just too cute for words!

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