June Seattle 2010 Workshop #8 Review

I finally got all of my photos from my various cameras downloaded and processed from the Seattle June Workshop that took place 2 weekends ago. We ended up with the best weather weekend we’ve had in Seattle all year, and I think I speak for all of the attendees when I say we couldn’t have been more thrilled! I also have to say that after teaching 8 of these things, I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of it. This was by far the smoothest workshop I’ve had yet, and reinforces my decision to keep all future Cowbelly workshops in Seattle. I’m still super excited to teach with Nichole in NYC in August, but am so grateful I’m not doing it alone!

Anyhoo, A huge thank you to the 15 wonderful people who flew in from around the country (and New Zealand- hi Lisa!) to come and learn from me. You guys rock and I’m loving getting to know all of you even better on the BBN. And another huge thank you to the Hotel Max, who provided the *perfect* meeting place for our workshop. And I can’t forget my dad, who brought Fergie down to the hotel as a surprise for the attendees. She hung out with us during our last few hours of the workshop, and I nearly cried I was so happy. I was thrilled that everyone got the chance to meet my baby girl. So all in all it was a great workshop and I can’t wait until the next one there in September!

Without further adieu, here is a photographic review of the weekend. (Pardon the crummy quality of some of these shots- they were taken with my little P&S on a very high ISO setting- woopsie).

What happens when 15 pet photographers meet a sweet dog named Snickers? This!


How much do you love Snickers? 🙂


Friday night we had dinner and drinks at the ColdWater Bar at the Westin Hotel. We had delicious dungeness crab mac & cheese (yum) and some apple martini thingies that I’d like to make again at home. It was a pretty cool space, but I think our entire wait staff (bartender included) were totally thrown for a loop with having a large group like ours. Saturday we had lunch at Von’s downtown, which is this cool, old institution of a restaurant, with all kinds of random junk hanging from the ceiling, including this lamp made entirely out of post-it notes. I also have to say that during lunch that day I laughed harder than I think I have in years, when the topic of alternative uses for dog hair came up. We’ll leave that for another time. lol


More of Von’s ceiling. They even had the door of a Seattle police car hanging over the table I was sitting at. Pretty awesome.


Then Sunday we took the monorial over to the Seattle Center for our Pug Party. It was so. much. fun. I mean, the Pug Party was fun too, but I’m talking about the monorail ride here. I think I was more excited than anyone else there. But then, I was also the one that wanted to go on the rides once we got to the Seattle Center. Here I was trying to get them all jazzed, and they were like “whatever… dork”.


View of the Space Needle from inside the monorial, and view of the inside of the monorial headed toward the SC. I love that thing!


Pug Party!!! We had a whole buncha pugs, and a buncha their owners, and with a buncha photographers and some friends thrown in, we were quite the group! Y’all know how much I love pugs, so I’ve decided to do a separate post of just pug pics. Stay tuned for that.


Can you see all of us photographers reflected in the wall behind Bean & Frank? We were their ‘Pugarazzi’ for the day.


BEAN!! Bean is a puppy. He is hilarious and adorable.


If this next shot doesn’t make you laugh out loud you are dead inside.


Coolest workshop group portrait ever!! Thank you guys again for coming, I had a blast!


Cowbelly Workshop Class of 2010

6 thoughts on “June Seattle 2010 Workshop #8 Review

  1. So I read somewhere that Jamie is cutting back on her workshops and it’s understandable because they do take a ton of effort and a ton of time and energy. And the way that Jamie does things, is that she puts her heart and soul into each projects she takes on. I had the pleasure of studying one on one with Jamie back in March of this year and I can tell you that her style is unique and that she is 100% passionate and committed to her craft. Jamie is a top ranked pet photographer with an amazing amount of experience and she makes sure that you “get it.” I traveled out from Southern California to study with Jamie and from start to finish, Jamie make sure that I was taken care of, suggested hotels in the area, sightseeing attractions, even restaurants. I received an itinerary ahead of time that outlined our teaching schedule and she covered everything that she promised and more. The best part was that Jamie shared her seven plus years of pet photography expertise and insight with me.

    So in short, if you get the chance, I highly recommend signing up for one of Jamie’s seminars/workshops when the opportunity arises. It will definitely put you on the fast track to become a quality and sought after pet photographer.

  2. What a great weekend we had, thanks again Jamie, you are great. Thanks to those wonderful Pugs.Tried a lot of the technique that you have passed onto us – they work a treat.
    Can we get a photo of us with snickers to download too??!!

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Great shots of everyone and all we did. I love that post it lamp and ditto on the laughter about the dog hair use. Don’t even get me started again…..;} Had fun and have really made some strides in things this week. Hopefully, I will have so time to download some wonderful photos of the pugs. Unfortunately, i am having issues with my raw converter and i have not figured out the problem….ah these computers…Take care and will talk more soon.

  4. love the group shot. sign that stranger who took shot up for a *people* workshop. that wall of purple/pink is SO intense.

    thanks again, Jamie for the incredible time. my head is still spinning, but in a good way. 🙂

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