Bootsy AKA Miss Sparkling Personality

Bootsy’s shoot took place recently on one of the (very) rare beautiful weekend days we’ve had. Those who have followed me this year know the weather in Seattle has been awful, and it’s been really challenging for me to do shoots because of rain, wind, cold, and generally miserable weather. But not during this shoot! It was hot, sunny, and glorious!! Yippee!

Everyone meet Bootsy. She’s a fun, playful, ‘full of personality’ bearded collie/poodle mix.



Bootsy was wearing her leash in all of these photos, which I removed in post as I always do. In this case, Photoshop CS5 helped me with the shot on the right below, with it’s awesome new content aware feature. While it wasn’t perfect, it did provide a great starting place, which I finished off with the clone tool. For a quickie job done on my laptop without my Wacom pen, it did a pretty good job. Looking forward to giving the feature a ‘real’ run for it’s money with my iMac + Wacom tablet.


I love her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. She is so cute.


There was this cool paved path covered in sand that we got to walk on right next to the beach. There were tons of dogs walking there that day. I took some shots of Bootsy’s owners walking on the path, and there were no fewer than 3 dogs with 3 different owners walking right behind them in just a short distance. When the sun comes out in Seattle, so do the people and their dogs!



Funny dog + pink ice cream cone = cuteness. Nom….






Thanks so much Deb and John! I had a blast at our shoot and I can’t wait to see Bootsy’s again at our ordering session! 🙂

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  1. Isn’t she just gorgeous. Beautiful images. I love them all, but the ice cream cone….. well that just takes the cake :).

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