11 thoughts on “Sienna- from the archives

  1. Leigh, Anita and Robin win the prize for knowing the breed. Sydney and Sienna are indeed both purebred British Shorthairs (from the bloodline at Stonehaven British Shorthairs). We loved our experience with Jamie — the only problem was narrowing down which of the amazing photos to pick.

  2. That’s definitely a British Shorthair…their faces are much more round and fat compared to a Russian Blue’s. Both breeds are gorgeous though! Great capture…those eyes are beaming! I can see the little rays coming out of them…”take me to your master”…LOL! Very nice, as usual!

  3. I found your blog just a few days ago and am really enjoying it! Your photography is fantastic and very striking! I love your new studio also. With all the white walls, your artwork really “pops” and so does the black and white rug. I can also see why you are really enjoying your backyard-talk about beautiful!

  4. Those two kitties are gorgeous! Love the one in your banner. That was one of my favorite sessions ever from you. Their eyes just go so well with your style. 🙂

  5. british shorthair also known as british blue I was very lucky to have one in my life many years ago. very plush velvety fur.

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