PASSPORT: International Pet Photography workshops by Cowbelly & dane + dane

I am beyond excited today to announce the launch of a new brand of intense, interactive pet photography workshops. To double the awesome on the workshops I already teach, I am adding in my most esteemed colleague J. Nichole Smith as my partner, and we are taking the show on the road- internationally, starting in New York City in August. That’s right, a workshop so chock-a-block with information, with valuable resources, with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and with crazy fun cool dogs, it’s bound to blow your mind. AND, unlike the regular Cowbelly workshops, it’s open to both beginning photographers and intermediate photographers alike (with an optional Commercial + Editorial workshop open to intermediate and advanced photographers). Check out the whole meal deal below. And get excited, we know we are!

Passport: worldwide workshops for aspiring pet photographers

Who: The Passport program is a collaborative effort between myself  (Jamie Piper, owner of Cowbelly Pet Photography)  and my treasured colleague J.Nichole Smith, founder of dane + dane studios.  Read more About Us

What: Passport Workshops are intense and interactive – crafted for photographers aspiring to make a full-time living via their pet photography businesses. These workshops also include an optional fourth day which is centered entirely around editorial and commercial pet photography– featuring guest speakers and a real client shoot.  Read the program itinerary

When: The inaugural program is scheduled to take place in New York City in August this year (please check the website for dates and current openings- these workshops book fast!!).

Where: These workshops will take place in destinations around the world, starting with arguably the most inspiring city of all – New York. The workshop itself will be held in the FANTASTIC Nest Loft in the Flatiron District of Manhattan.

Why: Because we have seen first-hand how hungry our pet photography peers are for information, advice, tangible resources and genuine collaboration- and we want to help in a major, life changing way. Both Nichole and I wish we had a program like this when WE were first starting out -oh the multiple “burn-outs” and expensive mistakes we would have avoided.


For more information visit the online home of the Passport Pet Photography Workshops at: and be sure to check out the FAQ page to find answers to all of your questions.

Nitty Grits…

Registration will open this Friday May 14, 2010 at 9am PST– and not one moment sooner.  Because space is very limited and we do expect the program to fill quickly – we recommend you plan to register right away. Acceptance is on a “first come, first served” basis – so don’t miss the boat! Check out more information about NYC RegistrationRates.

PLEASE NOTE: We do screen our applicants carefully to be sure that the program will be beneficial to all who attend. Also, out of respect for our own businesses and our local colleagues, we will not be accepting any applicants who live or work in Western Washington.

Nichole and I hope to see some of you in NYC or beyond!

(Oh, and for those who have asked, I will still be teaching my annual Cowbelly workshop in Seattle every year! The June workshop is sold out, with 8 people on the waiting list, but registration for the September workshop will open on June 21st! Note: I plan to do only 2 workshops per year starting in 2011- one in Seattle in the spring or fall, and one travel workshop with Nichole.)


Updated to add:

We have gotten a lot of emails over the last two weeks asking about future locations for the passport workshops (we sent out an early notification email to the folks on our mailing list), and here is what we have tentatively planned at this point:

Given the growing demand of international pet photographers for a quality educational experience, the bulk of the workshops will be held in international locations outside of the US, with a few in the future in domestic locations. Below is what we are working toward:

International: London, Australia, Italy and Asia

Domestic: Miami, and possibly LA or  Hawaii

In regards to domestic (US) locations, we don’t have any plans to re-visit cities I have already taught in, either with the Passport workshops or the regular Cowbelly workshops, with the exception of possibly LA at some point in the (farther) future. (All regular Cowbelly workshops, taught by me alone, will take place only in Seattle from this year on.)

In regards to the numbers of workshops per year, given the massive amount of work required for planning each workshop, and our desire to continue to serve our private clients in Seattle as best as we can, Nichole and I only plan to teach one Passport workshop per year. If we follow the aforementioned schedule it would keep us busy for the better part of 7 years, so that’s enough planning for now, whew!

If you live in or near any of the above locations, and/or would like to travel to any of those locations let us know. We currently have a list of names in locations around the world, and will continue to grow this list into the future. We’re excited to see where this venture takes us, and are super excited for the inaugural workshop in New York in August!

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  1. I’d love to see one done in Australia! I know that where ever it was I’d get on a plane and go. It would be amazing.

  2. I completely understand not coming to Phoenix. L.A. is a hop skip and a jump for me anyway!

  3. @Lexi- cancel! (J.K.!). Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and rest assured there will be other workshops! Big congrats on your upcoming nuptials. 🙂

  4. @Nick- yes! Check out my amendment above! And I’ve never been to Singapore (any anyplace in Asia for that matter). I have a feeling I can convince Nichole to go. We would *love* to see you there!

  5. @Dave- Unfortunately Phoenix is not on our list. Based on requests and demand, the only domestic locations we are considering at this point for future Passport workshops are Miami, LA, and possibly Hawaii, depending on demand. All other locations will be international to give an opportunity to those who live outside the US to learn from us as well. And keep in mind there will always be a Seattle workshop each year for those who can’t travel far! 🙂

  6. I have one word for you, PHOENIX! Oh, and this is great news! Thank you very much for starting this!

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