Brinkley the supermodel Golden Retriever sneak peek

Beautiful golden retriever girl + blue sky + pink cherry blossoms + green grass + sunshine = heavenly first shoot of spring. Enjoy. 🙂





Can you see the treats flying through the air below? We had some good belly laughs watching poor Brinkley miss catching each and every one.







Thank you Nate, Bryan and Brinkley for a fantastic shoot! It’s days like that that I live for 🙂

18 thoughts on “Brinkley the supermodel Golden Retriever sneak peek

  1. We’re picking up our new Golden puppy from Issaquah on Saturday! These pictures make me DROOL with excitement for our own pretty puppy!! You are AMAZING!!!

  2. Goldens are more people than most people. My golden is my guardian angel now for three years and I still cry when I see one as beautiful as this one. Great shots.

  3. so jealous that you have pretty trees already! I love how happy golden’s look and you definetly captured that!

  4. Great pictures! Brinkley’s beautiful, and the photos are fun, whimsical, and full of energy.

  5. Gorgeous and amazing! I love the butterfly! And the ones with the ferns… And the ones of her tail… Okay, I love them all! :mrgreen:

  6. You did an amazing job capturing Miss Brinks! She looks so adorable in her pictures, can’t wait to see the rest. I see she still hasn’t learned to catch her treats, she use to lose out to Dozer when we’d throw treats to them

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