12 thoughts on ““The tea’s gone cold and so has she…”

  1. Hello
    That is really a wonderful background of photograph and this photograph of dog is also looks great.I like that personality of dog.Thank you for this post.

  2. LOVE * LOVE * LOVE * Gorgeous!!! Love her stance, I remember this shot and I LOVE the title… you and graffiti ROCK SO HARD!!!


    P.S. Her feet look even more gigantic then they already are. I love it.

  3. OMG. If I was that baby’s mama, I would be sooooo thankful to have this photograph.

    FYI, I ordered one of your calendars. It’s up, and I’m admiring it right now. 🙂
    Also, my husband was sitting in my office (where I have it hanging), and I asked
    him if he recognized the photo. He did. He knew it was yours. I show him photos
    from your posts all the time and tell him how much I wish we lived closer to you
    so we could hire you to photograph our kiddos (two labs and a cat). If you ever
    make a trip to Phoenix and want to pick up a client, keep us in mind! (slinky.asu@gmail.com)

  4. Great backdrop and original idea! Love the series. Just thinking hmmm….wonder if you could get a local artist to tag the names of the dogs and photograph them or maybe even tag the dogs. On second thought nahhh. I was thinking, man it’s hard enough to get a human being to stand still sometimes. Was it challenging to get these guys to cooperate with you? There’s something so special about seeing the contrast of their coats against the graffiti.

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