Olivia: Graffiti dogs shoot: Harlequin Great Dane

A quick peek at one of my favorite shots from yesterday’s Graffiti Dogs Project shoot with Olivia, the beautiful harlequin Great Dane, owned by my esteemed Seattle colleague and friend, J Nichole Smith, of Dane & Dane Studios fame (Olivia is the Dane & Dane mascot). Our shoot yesterday was, in a word, AWESOME. And Olivia? A Dream.


I promise to post more photos from our shoot soon and give you a behind-the-scenes story, but for now I’ve gotta focus on looking at houses for rent. I’m moving both home and office next month (staying in Seattle of course), and can’t wait to see where I end up. Going to look at an awesome house tomorrow, but it looks like I’ve already got competition. Wish me luck I find the place of Fergie and my dreams!

7 thoughts on “Olivia: Graffiti dogs shoot: Harlequin Great Dane

  1. That last photo made me laugh…I once photographed a dog in front of a really nice piece of graffiti…really nice, that is, until I got home and started editing the photos only to realize it said “SMOKE WEED”, lol! I’ve made a point of making sure I actually read the graffiti first since then… 🙄

  2. Hello
    Wow this is really a fantastic photograph and I like it very much.I do appreciate you for this photograph..You have done a good job.

  3. Fabulous!! I cannot WAIT to see the “wide range” of Olivia’s modeling prowess on your blog sooooon!

    What a shot – love the “Osama not Obama” – hilarious. Oh and the drugs, of course.

  4. Oh, and Uh, the official Cowbelly statement on drugs is:

    “We here at Cowbelly Pet Photography do not condone the use of drugs, unless you enjoy the food they serve in treatment centers, don’t mind causing rifts with friends and family, can skillfully coordinate accessories with prison garb, and are well-versed in lawyer speak”. If so, have at it!

    We ourselves are high on life, as it’s filled with limitless wonder and joy. 🙂

    (And yes, we voted for Obama).

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